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Free to Advertise

It’s free to advertise on Franchise Planet. Only pay for upgrades and increased exposure.

Full Profile Content

Bring your franchise advert to life with images, video and testimonials with no limits on how much content and PR you can upload.

Get Seen

Although paid upgrades are available, all of our own written PR articles include randomised franchises relevant to the sector theme of that article.

Professional Ad

We’ll design a franchise listing for you, either with profile content you supply or we can create a listing using content from your website.

Relevant Leads

You will receive only leads which have directly enquired about your brand. We take privacy seriously. Prospects can specify how long we hold their data before it is obfuscated.

Modern Website

Our site uses the latest technology for responsive and speedy page loads on all devices, maximising user engagement.

We’re Local

Based in Poole (Dorset), we know the UK franchise sector and can help you recruit franchisees locally.

Established 2021

Our site may be new but we have fresh ideas and our voluntary team come from a wide range of franchising backgrounds.

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Stand Out From The Crowd

If adding free franchise listings, resales, case studies, events and news isn’t enough, and you want more prominence, we also have paid upgrade options too.

Don’ get lost in the crowd, get seen with our category “Popular” banners where you’ll be featured at the top of your chosen industries or locations.

Featured Category Placements

Our category placement banners are located at the top of our industry and location pages. They feature your logo, an excerpt about your franchise, and buttons to enquire and view profile.

Run of Site Placement

Our Run of Site placement is a randomised inclusion in our header section along with other brands. You’ll be featured on multiple pages across the site, plus potential header inclusion on all categories and locations your franchise features in.

For more information about any of the upgrades and what they include, simply request an advertising media pack using the form.

Low cost franchise advertising with Franchise Planet

Low Cost Franchise Advertising

Franchise Planet’s low cost franchise directory is run for the benefit of the franchising sector. We believe franchise advertising should be accessible for all, both new and established franchises. Where other portals charge in the thousands, we believe in keeping costs low. Therefore: more promotion for franchises, more choice for entrepreneurs!

Many people with a keen interest in becoming their own boss and investing in a franchise won’t just look at one franchise portal. They’ll explore lots of sites, and gather as much information as they can, to make the best-informed decision before buying a franchise. Most franchise directories target similar search terms and are all competing on search engines, it’s beginning to come down to personal choice and preference which site people use, because most popular franchise directories all rank near enough the same!

So why pay more? Maximise your online presence and chances of getting seen. List for free with Franchise Planet.

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Advertising Your Franchise Effectively

It can take hundreds of franchise enquiries to recruit a franchisee. Franchising can be expensive because there are a lot of procedures and documents to produce. Once the franchise system is in place and a pilot franchise operation has been tested, franchisors can look to recruit franchisees.

Before advertising your franchise, you should have a franchise prospectus. This should contain the core information about your franchise, to be used as a sales tool. This could include background of your business and its story. It might include testimonials from existing franchisees or clients. Also it should include the details of what is in the franchise package. You’ll need to make the franchise prospectus as appealing and engaging so it really makes your franchise opportunity a good investment.

When advertising your franchise, there are many different routes to go down. It is important to emphasise that the success will vary business to business, and some will garner you more leads than others. Here are just some of the top places to advertise your franchise…

Paid Search Ads

PPC/CPC is a good way to get seen on search engines, but it can be costly. It brings you above organic results. There was a time when people avoided clicking the ad spaces and simply scrolled down to the first few organic results, simply because they found the ads to be selling themselves and often unrelated. But today, search engines are making ad spaces much more consistent with organic results, and ads are much more popular. Don’t spend too much money on PPC for your brand name! If someone is searching your brand, they’re wanting to find you anyway, so chances are they’ll find you in the organic results. Don’t pay for what you’re already getting. Instead, use PPC to get yourself to the top of competitive terms. If you’re a dog walking franchise, run PPC on variations of Dog Walking Franchise terms.

Franchise Directory Advertising

One of the best ways to advertise your franchise is by using a franchise directory. Sites like Franchise Planet are eager to promote their advertisers, through running PPC campaigns, and often ranking strongly for terms like “Automotive Franchises”, “Pet Franchises” and so many more. Whilst many franchise directories can be costly, this is usually to help fund things like newsletters and mail blasts to better promote their clients.

Franchise directories aren’t for everyone. You could spend thousands of pounds with one directory and get poor leads. Make sure you have an effective follow up procedure in place. Luckily Franchise Planet is free, so by listing your franchise and boosting online placement, what have you got to lose?

Social Media

Many business owners build a strong following on social media by their customers and clients. This might be through sharing photos/portfolios of their work or activities. For example children businesses like sensory and movement might share photos and videos of little ones getting active, and parents posting to the page.

This engagement can be used to convert customers into leads. Maybe one of your old clients could be interested in running their own franchise in their area. Boosting posts is also helpful because it enables you to target demographic that best fits the franchise profile you’re looking for. Many franchise consultants have heard that Facebook is one of the best places to advertise a franchise.

Franchise Shows

While stands can be expensive, franchise exhibitions are well promoted online and in media. Show organisers spend lots of money generating footfall to their shows, targeting aspiring entrepreneurs looking to invest in a franchise. Franchise shows deliver lots of opportunities to visitors and it gives visitors the opportunity to meet and speak with franchises.

You shouldn’t expect to sell a franchise there and then, and you may not convert any franchises from an exhibition. But by handing out leaflets it can raise awareness of your opportunity and gives an edge over your competitors if they’re not exhibiting.

Obviously it’s also a good idea to advertise your franchise opportunities on your website as well. Check out your competitors and see what they do, and think about how you can do it better. Most franchises put a link to their franchise opportunities page in their footer.

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