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Browse a range of franchise resales - existing franchise territories which are being sold as a pre-existing, already established business.

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Directory of Franchise Resales UK

Jump into franchising with a pre-established, already trading franchise business. Franchise resales become available when the previous owner of a franchise territory decides to sell their business and move on. A franchise resale usually includes an existing customer base which means you can be earning very quickly. The cost of franchise resales tends to be higher compared to setting up a new territory, because the previous franchisee has already spent a lot of time building the business up. As a result, benefits can usually be seen from day one.

What Are Franchise Resales

The term “Franchise Resale” is given to a scenario where the franchisee of a particular franchise territory is looking to sell the business and move on. A change in the franchisee’s circumstances might mean that they make the decision to sell their franchise business to someone else who is looking to take over. There can be many reasons why a franchisee may wish to sell their business. From health to retirement, or looking maybe the franchisee is looking to use the money to pursue another line of interest. The franchisee’s business continues to operate normally, with an existing client base. Franchise resales offer a complete, turnkey solution to buying a franchise.

The franchisee will ask for a sum of money in exchange to the keys for the business. This will usually be around the total investment of the business including franchise fees and equipment costs, but sometimes more depending on the business’s reputation and presence.

Becoming a Business Owner by Investing in a Franchise Resale

When you buy a franchise resale, you get a fully established franchise territory. In most cases, buying the resale also gives you full access to the “tools of the trade”, enabling you to immediately start earning. Becoming a business owner by investing in a franchise resale means you’ll have an already established client base and presence within the local community. Buying a franchise resale in the UK will still provide you with many of the benefits you’ll get had you started a new territory.

What are the Benefits of Buying an Established Franchise?

The main benefit of a buying an existing franchise territory is that you’ll not only be buying the rights to trade under the franchisor’s brand name, but you’ll also be buying the assets, the customers and the equipment of an already-trading business. Where local area marketing costs time and money, and can take a while to gain traction (as if you were starting up a new territory), with a franchise resale, you’ve got:

  • A list of trusted, valuable customers that may either have scheduled your services, or are a regular client for repeat income
  • A series of partners or contacts, for example event companies or corporate companies who are your clients
  • Local contacts for marketing the business
  • A team of employees who assist with the running of the business

By buying a franchise resale, usually you’ll have the above right away. The investment can be quite big, but so can the rewards!

Cashflow From Day One

Investing in a new territory is somewhat similar to starting up a business from scratch. While with franchising you’ve got the benefits of an established brand and proven business model, your presence is still relatively new within the community. But buying a franchise resale you’re taking over a business which has already established itself. Usually when you buy a franchise business, the previous owner will provide you with financial reports and access to existing customers. Thanks to the fact that the business is already well established, you’ll have customers reasonably quickly. Some franchisees will have bookings for weeks even months in advance for you to benefit from!

Full Training and Support

Similarly to investing in a new territory, resales provide you with full training and support. It can be somewhat scary diving straight into the deep end and taking over a business. Especially when you’ve already got solid customer bookings / local area presence. Customers will use your business with high expectations and it is up to you as the new owner to fulfil these expectations to the standard the previous franchisee upheld. Thankfully resales are no exception to receiving support from the franchisor. As a franchisee you will still benefit from the supportive framework that is franchising.

Turnkey Business Opportunities

Depending on the type of franchise you’re investing in, a franchise resale will almost always provide you with everything you need to start trading. If the business is van based, this may also include the van. If you’re looking to buy a business which requires staff, you’ll already have an effective management team in place saving the need to employ new staff. A turnkey business is one where the setup is quick and your business is operating within a short period of time.

Become a Business Owner with a Franchise Resale UK

Take a look around the Franchise Planet website to explore franchises and business opportunities for sale in the UK. Franchise resales vary considerably in price with some costing less than £30,000 while others costing six figures. However unlike starting a business from square one, a franchise resale provides you with turnover from day one. Many banks and businesses are eager to lend to those looking to buy an established business, for obvious reasons. Taking over an already-trading business means you’ll be able to repay any borrowed money straight away and subject to a successful business plan, you could be running a business this time next year!

Browse franchise resale opportunities and get in touch to request more information.

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