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What are Automotive Franchises?

Automotive franchises are businesses that you can invest in and run as your own under the brand name of a proven business model. As you’d expect, these are businesses in the automotive sector, and this franchising sector is quite a diverse one. As with all franchises, the franchisor (the person that owns the intellectual property of the business) will, in exchange for your investment, give you the franchise license to trade under their brand name, and follow their procedures to lead a successful business in their footsteps. When investing in an automotive franchise, just like many others, the investment should also include a wealth of resources, training and support to get your business running. Usually, automotive franchise training will either include residential training at the franchisors headquarters, training may be outsourced to provision by another company, and/or the training may place you with another franchisee for a hands-on approach. Rest assured, that the franchisor will do everything they can to help you succeed, because after all you’re using their brand and your success is their success.

Types of Automotive Franchises

There are so many types of automotive franchises, here are just some of the popular kinds of automotive franchises:
  • Windscreen repair franchises – many windscreen repair automotive franchises are B2B (business to business), for example truck windscreen repairs; whilst some are also B2C (business to consumer), personal vehicle repairs which can be carried out quickly and affordably without needing to claim on one’s insurance. Windscreen repair franchises will usually be van based franchises, and so a van will either be included with the investment (or as a monthly rental fee), or you’ll be expected to use your own. A typical windscreen repair automotive franchise investment would cover the training, any equipment you need, and vehicle sign writing, but the package would vary so don’t forget to carry out due diligence.
  • Vehicle retailing franchises – there are a number of automotive retail franchises where you’ll be selling cars or vans. Some vehicle retailing franchises may provide bespoke services to consumers, like vintage car hire and sales. Vehicle retailing franchises would likely expect you to have a premises (forecourt and shop) to sell your vehicles, but the franchisor should provide you with help when choosing a site that will get the most customers in your area.
  • Mobile repairs franchise – nothings worse than finding that your car doesn’t start in the morning, making you late for work. Or maybe you’ve got a flat tyre. There are franchises for most types of automotive problems. Such as puncture repair franchises, wrong-fuel franchises and even van based franchises which supply and fit e-vehicle charging stations.
With so many automotive franchises to choose from, and all of which are in constant and growing demand, it can be difficult to make a decision. When looking to invest in a franchise, enquire about multiple franchises, speak to existing franchisees, weigh out the benefits and dig deeply into the company’s history. Through due diligence, you can find out which businesses are reputable, and which you can see yourself running and renewing the franchise contract over and over again.

How much do automotive franchises cost?

The cost for automotive franchises depends greatly on the type of franchise you’re buying. Our franchise directory lists in the sidebar, low cost, trending and home based franchises which have been extracted from the automotive category. Low cost franchises are those priced under £15,000. Whilst everyone will have their own opinion on what constitutes a low cost business, with high street bank lending or franchise finance, you might find yourself investing less than £10,000 subject to your own credit status! Be sure to get in touch with different automotive franchises to see what sort of financial assistance they can provide. Realistically, franchises which require you to have premises (like a workshop) would tend to be the most expensive (unless you have a workshop already). These kinds may require fitting of special franchise-branded equipment or machinery. Or for example, shopfront branding. On the other hand, mobile van-based workshop franchises would likely be cheaper because the vehicle can possibly be purchased on a monthly agreement, or at a special rate agreed between the supplier and franchisor. Once again it’s important to carry out due diligence and find out what each automotive franchise offers. Ultimately, the best automotive franchises should include everything you need to hit the ground running, and this includes things like:
  • Franchise Launch marketing – will your investment include a supply of leaflets to put through letterboxes? Will the franchisor get an ad placement for you in your local newspaper/magazine?
  • Equipment – does the investment cover the stuff you’ll need or are you expected to buy this yourself? For example a car wash franchise – does the investment include uniforms, sponges and chemicals? And a puncture repair franchise – who pays for the van equipment fitting and initial tyre stock?
  • Automotive Franchise Training – how much training will you receive? Is ongoing support available?
There are lots of different automotive franchises, a number of which are listed on our franchise directory! Take a look above to see what automotive franchises are for sale in your area. Don’t forget that the sidebar also shows low cost and home based automotive franchises, ones you can fit around your personal life and budget!

Trending Automotive Franchises

  • Amigo Burgers and Shakes Franchise - Amigo Burgers and Shakes Franchise is a flexible franchise opportunity which can either be run from home, or out in the field. You may need a premises or van for this franchise, so be sure to make an enquiry to check with the franchisor. Conveniently for many, the Amigo Burgers and Shakes Franchise can be run either full or part-time. Therefore the more work you put in, the more you're likely to get out. - Find Out More About Amigo Burgers and Shakes Franchise

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