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Browse all van based franchises below. There are many kinds of van based franchises, many of which are low cost due to not requiring a premises. Franchises like oven cleaning, mobile coffee shops, there are hundreds of van based franchises just waiting to be discovered.

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4 Wheel Franchises - The Sky's The Limit

When it comes to investing in a franchise, van based business models are a popular choice for many. There are so many different types of van based franchises, and their typically low start-up cost makes them an attractive approach to being your own boss.

A van based franchise is a business in which the franchisee will require a van to trade successfully. Van related franchises are very diverse. Even home care businesses could loosely be called van based, as you'll be travelling to visit clients in the same form that you would for any other nature.

What are the Benefits of a Van Based Franchise?

Unlike food and retail franchises where the customers come to you, van businesses offer unlimited earning potential. Many van based franchises can be run as a multi van operation. Contact the franchisor to learn whether this is true of each opportunity you look into, but by hiring staff and taking on multiple vans, you'll only be limited by the hours in the day and the number of potential clients.

Beneficially, some franchises also provide the opportunity to purchase nearby territories (usually for either the same or reduced investment as what you previously paid). Van based franchises are fantastic opportunities for expansion and unlimited earning potential.

With the transition from petrol and diesel vans to hybrid and electric, overheads are set to drop as well. With a charge overnight, your van will be ready to roll the next morning for a day of work. There are many vehicle finance companies out there. Many van franchisors will have agreements in place with companies to assist with finance should you require it.

Types of Van Based Franchises

Van based franchises is an incredibly diverse sector. Here are just some of the top types of van franchises:

  • Oven Cleaning Franchises - Oven Cleaning businesses offer fantastic earning potential, usually taking in upwards of £50 per clean. Fitting in 5 cleans per day, you could be looking at over £1000 turnover per week. One of the reasons so many love van based franchises is the opportunity for repeat income. Clients will usually book their oven cleans in advance, and then you'll also have the opportunity to upsell on cleans like BBQs and hobs. You'll be using a van to transport your cleaning equipment.
  • Mobile Windscreen Repair - Windscreen repair franchises are often van based, but may only require a sign written car. Whilst there are some domestic windscreen repair franchises out there, many people prefer commercial windscreen repair van franchises. The advantage of commercial windscreen repair is their repeat visit nature, rather than one-off Joe-public repairs which don't build a long term, sustainable customer reputation with repeat business.
  • Mobile Coffee Franchises - Mobile coffee van based franchises are a hot opportunity. In many cases, you'll be driving to events and busy spots to sell your products. There are a number of different types of van based coffee franchises, such as Coffee Blue and Really Awesome Coffee.
  • There are many other 4 wheel mobile franchises out there, from window cleaning to mobile car repairs, pet food delivery to food delivery, hog roasts to lawn care.

Trending Van Based Franchises

  • Wilkins Chimney Sweep - Wilkins Chimney Sweep is a trending franchise opportunity which can be run from the luxury of your own home. As a home based franchise, Wilkins Chimney Sweep franchisees can benefit from low overheads, and a flexible lifestyle. One of the benefits of Wilkins Chimney Sweep is that the business can be run on a part-time basis, adapting to your own lifestyle whilst being your own boss. The Wilkins Chimney Sweep business has been established since 2011 so franchisees will have peace of mind that the business model has plenty of experience under its belt. Mistakes will have been made by the franchisor, but they'll have been learnt from, and perfected by other franchisees. Wilkins Chimney Sweep already has 14 franchisees, so opportunities are selling very quickly. You should get in touch with the franchisor to check whether your territory is still available to trade in. Territories are usually broken down by postcodes. - Find Out More About Wilkins Chimney Sweep

Van Based Franchises Success Stories

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