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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Franchise Directory / Franchise Planet – (“us”, “we”, “our”), and this page explains what data we collect from you, why we collect it and how we collect it.

About Us

Franchise Planet is a directory of franchised businesses which are looking to recruit franchisees. Visitors to this website can get in touch with our advertisers to request more information about the franchise opportunity being offered, and franchises can advertise their business for sale on this website.

Cookie Policy

At Franchise Planet, we aim to keep cookies to a minimum and we don’t use any unneccessary cookies.

When you browse Franchise Planet, the main cookie we store is “PHPSESSID”. This cookie is used by our website to hold onto any franchises you add to your basket. This cookie expires when you leave the website. If you’re a franchise advertiser, we use a cookie to keep you logged in.

You can see when cookies expire by clicking the padlock on the address bar – there should be a section detailing which cookies are in use.

Unlike some of our competitors who may share your data with Google with or without your consent, we take your data very seriously and keep cookies to an absolute minimum. The Google Analytics cookies we use have been set up in a way that means we can control what data we send to Google. We have taken measures to ensure IP address and Audience data are not sent to Google. Google Analytics services are hosted on a third party to ensure greater security.

How We Collect Your Data

The following methods of personal data collection are used on this website:

  • IP Address – This cannot be used to identify you. We collect an IPv4 email address to tell your browsing session apart from other users, so we can report metrics for our advertisers such as unique visits. The IP address is used only by us to uniquely identify your visit and this is deleted immediately once we increment a content’s unique visits.
  • Contact forms – Your data is only collected if you complete a form. You can specify how long we keep your data, and we don’t keep your data any longer than 2 years.
  • Newsletter subscription – This is just your email address and all of our emails have an opt-out. Our “Join Our Mailing List” is double opt-in.

The personal following data is collected from you via the above methods:

DataWhy We Collect It
NameSo we and franchisors (advertisers on this site) can address you.
EmailSo you can be contacted by our advertisers. Receive newsletters (if you have opted in)
TelephoneSo you can be contacted by our advertisers. This is optional when completing an enquiry form.
Post CodeOptional, but recommended, as our advertisers can identify whether your
Data RetentionYour data will be automatically deleted from our records after the timeframe you specify on the franchise enquiry form. To delete sooner, get in touch.

As a franchise advertiser, we require the following data:

Why We Collect It
A usernameWe use this so you can future log in to the site. Although other users won’t see it, it is your responsibility to ensure this isn’t too personal.
Email AddressWe use this to deliver franchise profile enquiries to you
AddressYour address will be stored by us if you place an advertising order. Otherwise we do not ask for this information.
TelephoneIf you have added a telephone to your order, this will also be stored by us

How We Collect Your Data

When you submit the enquiry form on this website, your data is sent to one or more email addresses provided to us by the franchise business which you are enquiring about. The franchise business then becomes the controller of your data that you have submitted.

Franchise Planet Android App

No personal data is collected or used through the Franchise Planet Android App. The app is a read only version of the Franchise Planet website and any enquiries must be made through the website, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

How We Use Your Data

Below are some examples of how your data might be used by franchises. Please bare these in mind when making an enquiry:

  • CRM – Your data may be entered into a Customer Relationship Management system where your details are stored for an indefinite period of time. They will often use this to schedule communications with you.
  • Automation Funnel – Your email may be processed through an automated sales funnel, where you will receive a series of emails ongoing to tell you more about the franchise opportunity. You may even get added to their mailing list. These emails must have an unsubscribe on, otherwise they are breaching spam laws.

Your data that you specify is only sent to the franchise brand you are enquiring about. No unsolicited matching leads, no unexpected calls from parties you haven’t enquired about. Your data is not bulk shared to other advertisers, and you data is only lawfully shared with the franchise page that you have added to your basket. The recipients of your form submission are undisclosed. If you wish for more information about how a franchise processes your data before you make the enquiry, you should get in touch with us using our contact details at the bottom of this page.

We process your data lawfully under the basis of GDPR section 6.1.a – the data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data for one or more specific purposes;

Why We Use Your Data

We use your data to send to the franchises you are enquiring about. No personal data is collected from you without your consent, and only when you submit the form is your data sent to franchise that you have enquired specifically about. We require your data because franchise advertisers are advertising their business opportunity, with intention of recruiting people who have submitted the form.

As an advertiser, we use your data to assign subscriptions and orders to your account, and send you invoices for these orders.

How Long We Keep Your Data

When you submit your data to a franchise, they are responsible for adhering to data protection policies. We only keep your data for as long as you specify when you make your enquiry. You can specify on your franchise enquiry how long we keep your data on our servers. Once this period is up, your personal information is obfuscated. This does not affect how long the franchisor keeps your data. The retention duration of your data by us is determined by you when you complete your enquiry. If you have any privacy/data protection requirements for the franchisor’s processing of your data, you should make it clear in the comments on the form. This will be clearly visible when they receive your enquiry.

If you specify for us to hold your data indefinitely, the longest we’ll hold your enquiry information is two years. Obfuscated data is deleted after two years.

Your Rights

The following rights apply to you:

  • You are entitled to access your personal information.
    • Get in touch with us if you’d like to receive a copy of the information we hold of you.
  • You can ask us to correct any mistakes in your information that we hold.
    • Get in touch and we’ll update our enquiry records, and notify the franchisor about this change.
  • You can ask us to erase your personal information. Please bare in mind that we cannot contact business after their advert expires.
    • We’ll ask the franchisor to delete your data, and we’ll remove you from our own records.
  • Receive the personal data that we hold of you.
    • Just get in touch as below.
  • Right to transmit your data to other parties if you require.
  • Object at any time to certain processing of your information – this should be through the get in touch page form, not through a franchise’s own form.
    • Please make any data processing requirements clear to us before making an enquiry, so we can notify advertisers in advance.
  • Control over which automated means are used in the processing of your data (such as automated sales funnel systems).
    • You are also entitled to the right to communicate with a franchisor without the automated enquiry process (challenging algorithmic decisions and requesting humans make these decisions instead). Instead, simply use our Get in Touch page and we’ll provide you with the franchisor’s preferred enquiry-receiving contact details.
  • You have the right to complain using the contact details below, if you feel your data has been used inappropriately by us, outside of the data usage means outlined in this document. For any complaints or concerns relating to the franchisor’s handling of your data, please also get in touch and we will put you in contact with the registered franchisor.

Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for any franchisor’s mishandling of your data. Franchise Planet acts as a directory / enquiry medium and any enquiries you make should be accepted as direct communication with the franchisor. Please ensure you carry out due diligence before making an enquiry.

Our Contact Details

Franchise Planet ( is not a company, and is run at personal expense for the benefit of the franchising sector.

Contact Name: Data Protection Officer
Contact Email: [email protected]

If for whatever reason you are unable to contact us by email, you can contact us via post at the below address. Please allow up to 14 working days for a response if contacting via post.

Franchise Planet
Unit 109259, PO Box 7169
BH15 9EL
United Kingdom

All images on this website are lawfully obtained with license, or without license in the case that they are free for commercial and non-commercial use.

Latest Privacy Policy Update: 1st October 2022

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