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When a business owner wishes to expand their reach to clients across the country (or world), they’ll often go down the route of franchising. This has a positive impact on the business and brand, because it raises awareness and enables the business owner to scale their operations.

If you’re looking to buy a franchise in the UK, most franchises will be actively recruiting across the country. As a result, they may not be listed under a specific location on Franchise Planet. Franchises which are looking to recruit in specific areas can be found through this page. This may also include franchise resales.

If you’re looking to buy a franchise, take a look around our franchises by location directory.

Franchises for sale in the UK

There are over 1,000 franchises in the UK. Ten times as many franchisees trading, if not more. Despite not being government regulated, franchising is incredibly well supported in the United Kingdom. Businesses like franchise consultants and the British Franchise Association all contribute to the franchising sector making it as thriving as it is today.

More and more people are achieving their dreams of becoming a business owner, could franchising be right for you?

Franchising isn’t just thriving in the UK. There are many international franchises looking to enter the UK market, as well as UK franchise opportunities looking to grow internationally. There are many benefits to international franchising, but despite the hard work and challenges involved, it can be a gateway to even greater success – for the franchisor and their UK franchisees – as the brand grows further. McDonald’s and many other big name franchises in the United Kingdom started life elsewhere. Such as the USA. Taking a brand overseas, despite the hard work involved, comes with a lot of rewards. So whether you’re looking to invest in a UK franchise, or bring an overseas brand into the UK market as a Master Franchisee or area developer, can have great results. And one of the best things about franchising in the UK – you’ll be supported throughout. Franchise associations, consultants and sector suppliers are all eager to help those within franchising.

How much do franchises for sale in the UK cost?

Franchises range anywhere from zero-investment up to six or even seven figures. Generally home based franchises in the UK are the most affordable to invest in. Because they don’t require anything other than a laptop and phone, the ongoing overheads are generally low as well. This is in contrast to a storefront retail business or food and beverage franchise where you’d need a premises or van. Therein the costs can easily exceed £20K. Van based franchises are generally mid-range in terms of costs, because you can buy a van based franchise anywhere from £10K up to £100K.

There is no specific cost for investing in a UK franchise. In fact there are a number of different costs involved that can add to your investment. From the franchise deposit, to the investment, to working capital and ongoing fees, there are a few costs you need to consider. Attend a franchise exhibition or discovery day, or give the franchisor a bell to have a discussion about the costs involved with buying a franchise.

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