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Limited budget? Interested in high-end franchises? Browse franchises by investment. Whatever your budget, we’ve divided franchises by their required start-up investment.

You won’t necessarily need the full investment. Many well-known UK banks work within franchising and are members of the British Franchise Association. Why not get in touch with a franchise on this website and learn more about the funding options they provide.

Franchises In Your Area

Discover UK franchise opportunities in your area. Browse franchises across the UK including London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and elsewhere.

You can also discover franchise resale businesses near you, which are already established, trading franchises. Franchise resales are available when the existing franchisee is looking to sell their franchise and move on. Many resale franchises are turnkey businesses - one which requires no setup phase - because an existing client base and presence has already been established.

Where are you looking to open a franchise?

What is a Franchise?

Franchises are an answer to owning your own business, being your own boss, and taking control of your career via self employment.

This website lists a range of business format franchises, but what is a franchise? A franchise is an agreement between two parties, the franchisor and the franchisee, granting the franchisee the rights to trade as the franchisor’s brand.

A franchise benefits both parties. It benefits the franchisor, because it enables them to grow their business and branding beyond the limits of a single outlet or tradesman. In turn this increases the reputation and recognition of the brand. This benefits the franchisor plus any franchisees also. Franchisees benefit because it grants them the opportunity to run their own business, be their own boss and ultimately control their success. The success of the franchisee will benefit the franchisor because a successful franchise builds a stronger network, and in turn benefiting the other franchisees.

Some examples of franchises include popular brands such as McDonald’s, Costa Coffee, Dominos and many more.

Upcoming Franchising Events

If you’re looking to become a franchisee, visiting a franchise related event or seminar is a fantastic choice. This is a key step in your franchise due diligence and will no doubt help considerably when it comes to making an informed decision about whether or not to invest.

Franchising events and discovery days enable you to, in most cases, meet the franchisor. For many, a face to face discussion about the business model at hand can put many concerns or queries to rest. You may find it easier to discuss any questions you have. Not to mention, it may also be possible to speak to some existing franchisees! Before attending the event, think of some questions you want to ask the franchisor and any franchisees that are there. Has the business met their expectations? Are they receiving enough support?

Franchise discovery days, exhibitions and seminars are fantastic opportunities to really get to know the business you are interested in, but take the time to explore other opportunities as well.

Be Your Own Boss with a Franchise For Sale

Franchising is a great way to get into business for yourself but not by yourself. The sector is thriving and with more opportunities than ever, the franchising sector shows no sign of slowing. Many people enjoy the prospect of business ownership because it unlocks the freedom of being their own boss. Many franchises for sale can be run from home, too. Retaining the home based working lifestyle, entrepreneurs can scale the business at their own pace, putting in as much effort as they choose and ultimately unlocking unlimited earning potential.

There are many lucrative franchise opportunities out there. Fast food franchises are amongst the most profitable types of franchises, whilst any business can truly be as profitable as the owner wants it to be. How successful a franchise is depends on the franchisee. Ultimately one of the biggest reasons for investing in a franchise is the prospect of being your own boss. With a proven business model, established brand name and the support of the franchisor, franchising offers a “business in a box”.

Could a franchise business be your next big career step? Thanks to the support of many businesses including banks, a business can be yours without breaking the bank. It is a commonly recognised statistic that banks can lend up to 70% of the franchise investment. This gives you more flexibility to set aside greater working capital and drive your franchise business to success.

Discover a World of Franchises at Franchise Planet. With many franchises for sale for less than £10,000, business ownership could be cheaper than you think.

About Franchise Planet

There are many franchise directory websites out there, but what makes Franchise Planet stand out is its accessibility to the franchising community. Free to franchisors, our mission is to provide free franchise advertising thereby maximising the number of opportunities available on our franchise directory.

Where some franchise portals charge thousands of pounds for a listing, this creates financial barriers to franchisors. All franchise networks start off small, and the costs to franchise a business are staggering. From consultancy and legal fees to righting the mistakes that are easy to make when you’re a business owner looking to franchise. It goes without saying that actually recruiting the first franchisee takes a significant amount of time too. Only one the first few franchisees are on board, do prospects come in at a steadier pace, simply for one reason: when a franchise has no or few franchisees, investors haven’t heard of the brand and aren’t certain of its success. But to those looking to invest in a franchise, both small and big franchises are top choices. Many work with leading franchise consultants and lawyers who have credentials and experience in franchising.

Franchise Planet is free for franchisors to list and advertise their franchise, to help maximise the amount of opportunities available to people like you. The purpose of a franchise directory like Franchise Planet is to show the vast amount of franchises available, provide a world of opportunities and we plan to do just that. Without financial barriers, without locking out the new and emerging brands which could be the next big franchise chain!

Founded by a team of volunteers with experience within franchising in the UK, Franchise Planet aims to fill the void. The space left online where franchisors cannot afford to maximise their online presence using portals thus creating a gap in the pages of a good franchise directory. If you’re looking to find your perfect franchise and be your own boss, discover a world of franchises with Franchise Planet.

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