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Sole Luna Pizza Franchise logo
UK Prestige Car Brokers Franchise logo

UK Prestige Car Brokers Franchise

UK Prestige Car Brokers offer a unique, bespoke and free of charge service ...

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Sole Luna Pizza Franchise logo

Sole Luna Pizza Franchise

Join the Sole Luna Pizza franchise network with your very own pizza truck. ...

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Driving Miss Daisy Franchise logo

Driving Miss Daisy Franchise

Join the UK's number one community transport franchise and make a differenc...

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City Express Franchise logo

City Express Franchise

Run a local food ordering app in your area with City Express licensing oppo...

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ZLX Business Solutions Franchise logo

ZLX Business Solutions Franchise

Run your own R&D Tax Credit Consultancy with ZLX Business Solutions. There ...

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Live Like Loyalty Franchise logo

Live Like Loyalty Franchise

Support your local economy by providing the local workforce access to the e...

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Signarama Franchise logo

Signarama Franchise

Join Signarama, the world's largest franchise in the sign industry. We will...

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Puzzle Piece Law Franchise logo

Puzzle Piece Law Franchise

Work from home and achieve that perfect work-life balance with the Puzzle P...

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QDeck Safety Systems Franchise logo

QDeck Safety Systems Franchise

Join us at QDeck Safety Systems, where your ambition meets our blueprint fo...

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Tea and the gang Franchise logo

Tea and the gang Franchise

We are on a mission to offer up new, creative ways to serve tea and reach t...

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The Fat Pizza Franchise logo

The Fat Pizza Franchise

Invest with us at The Fat Pizza today. With our low-cost franchise model, y...

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Extra Help Domestic Cleaning Franchise logo

Extra Help Domestic Cleaning Franchise

Extra Help is one of the UK's premier home help and domestic service provid...

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NitroTreatz Desert Franchise logo

NitroTreatz Desert Franchise

Own and operate your very own dessert parlour with NitroTreatz. With incred...

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Ripples Bespoke Bathrooms Franchise logo

Ripples Bespoke Bathrooms Franchise

A franchise with Ripples means much more than just having your own business...

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Become a Franchise Owner in Bournemouth, UK

Becoming a franchisee in Bournemouth is one of several routes to business ownership. With a high success rate (93%) compared to starting up alone (79%), franchising is increasingly becoming more and more common for new entrepreneurs. There are many franchises for sale, with many franchise opportunities in Bournemouth still available. Thanks to the fact more and more businesses are becoming franchises, there are now well over 1,500 franchises in the UK.

Bournemouth is one of the best places in the UK to open a franchise. With a diverse and eclectic mix of independent local businesses, Bournemouth still has lots of potential for expansion when it comes to recognised branded businesses. Franchises are often able to offer better prices compared to independent businesses thanks to increased buying power, and a recognised brand name is often synonymous with quality thanks to the positive driving force empowered by other franchisees towards the brand. If you’re looking to become a business owner with a leading, recognised brand, why not discover the franchises for sale in Bournemouth UK?

Discover Entrepreneurship in Bournemouth UK

Bournemouth, a vibrant coastal town located on England's southern coast, has emerged as a burgeoning hub for entrepreneurship and innovation in the United Kingdom. Nestled amidst the stunning Dorset coastline, Bournemouth's entrepreneurial ecosystem thrives on a blend of academic excellence, supportive networks, and a picturesque setting that attracts talent and investment alike.

One of the key pillars fueling entrepreneurship in Bournemouth is its dynamic educational landscape. Home to renowned institutions like Bournemouth University, the town fosters a culture of learning and creativity. The university's emphasis on research and industry partnerships provides aspiring entrepreneurs with access to cutting-edge knowledge and resources. Moreover, initiatives like the BU Enterprise Accelerator offer budding startups mentorship, funding, and workspace, nurturing the next generation of business leaders.

Bournemouth's strategic location also contributes to its entrepreneurial allure. Situated within close proximity to London, Europe's financial capital, the town enjoys easy access to investors, markets, and talent pools. Additionally, its coastal charm and vibrant cultural scene attract a diverse community of professionals, fostering collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas.

The supportive infrastructure for startups is another hallmark of Bournemouth's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Co-working spaces like the Bournemouth Innovation Hub provide entrepreneurs with affordable office space, networking opportunities, and access to expert advice. Similarly, organisations such as Silicon South offer tailored support programs and events to help startups navigate the challenges of scaling their ventures.

Furthermore, Bournemouth's thriving digital sector has emerged as a driving force behind its entrepreneurial success. With a skilled workforce and robust infrastructure, the town has become a hotspot for technology startups and digital agencies. The annual Silicon Beach conference, which brings together industry leaders and innovators, serves as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge sharing, further cementing Bournemouth's reputation as a hub for digital innovation.

The town's supportive business environment is complemented by a range of funding options available to entrepreneurs. Angel investors, venture capital firms, and government grants provide startups with the financial resources needed to fuel growth and innovation. Moreover, initiatives like the Dorset Growth Hub offer entrepreneurs access to funding advice, workshops, and networking events, facilitating the growth of high-potential ventures.

In conclusion, Bournemouth's entrepreneurial ecosystem thrives on a combination of academic excellence, strategic location, supportive infrastructure, and a vibrant digital sector. As the town continues to attract talent and investment, it is poised to emerge as a leading destination for innovation and entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Best Franchises For Sale in Bournemouth

Whether you’re looking to run a premises, home or van based business in Bournemouth, there are a range of opportunities that should meet your interests. Running a business in Bournemouth can prove very profitable, provided you’re able to put the effort in. Whatever your motivations for running a business, franchising offers many benefits.

The Best Home Based Franchises in Bournemouth

Thanks to its versatility, franchising is becoming an increasingly popular option for parents. Mumpreneurs and dadpreneurs are turning to franchising thanks to the training and support it provides. When you invest in a franchise in Bournemouth, you receive full training and support from the franchisor. This means parents are taking less risks when it comes to launching the business. Having knowledge under your belt gives you more confidence to run the business effectively. What’s more, home based franchises in Bournemouth are amongst the most affordable types of franchises. Running a business from home in Bournemouth means you’ll not only benefit from low investment level, overheads are often cheaper still. This means you spend less time worrying about finances and more time allocating time to growing the business.

Work from home franchises, including franchises perfect for parents and new entrepreneurs. A decent handful of the 1,500+ franchises for sale in the UK are home based and can be launched for less than £20K. In fact there are quite a few franchises in Bournemouth for less than £10K!

Some of the best home based franchises in Bournemouth include oven cleaning, generic domestic cleaning (and management franchises), domiciliary care and virtual assistant. A management franchise, such as in the case of cleaning, is a type of franchise where you manage a team of workers. They might be cleaners, they might be home carers. Management franchises are usually home based, you never actually do any of the hands on work yourself. Beneficially, home management franchises in Bournemouth can be scaled at your own pace. Start off small with one or two employees, before growing and taking on more clients. The choice is yours, the earning potential is endless.

Some of the top types of home based working franchises include:

  • Management and white collar franchises for sale in Bournemouth
  • Web design and SEO franchises for sale in Bournemouth
  • Franchise consultant franchises in Bournemouth

If you wish to operate in a client’s home, some other top franchises include:

  • Mobile massage franchises for sale in Bournemouth, including foot spa and typical massage therapy
  • Owner operated cleaning that doesn’t require a van

The Best Van Based Franchises For Sale in Bournemouth

Another low cost option for those looking to start up a business in Bournemouth are van based franchises. With a diverse and eclectic mix of business models, van franchises for sale in Bournemouth suite a wide range of entrepreneurs. At the lower end of the spectrum, oven cleaning is usually a very affordable franchise to start. You shouldn’t need more than £30K to get an oven cleaning business off the ground – and that includes the van! With most oven cleaning franchises in Bournemouth costing around the £15K mark, the rest is up to you. Whether you choose a lease vehicle, or buy a van upfront. Maybe you already have a van. But for the investment, you get everything you need to launch the business including training and support.

Working upwards, mobile coffee is also a trending opportunity. There are van conversion specialists based in the UK that work with franchisors to provide cost effective coffee van conversion. Not to mention other types of food franchises in Bournemouth, such as pizza van and peri peri chicken (such as Black Rooster).

Other van franchises for sale include:

  • Windscreen repair franchises for sale in Bournemouth
  • Oven cleaning franchises for sale in Bournemouth
  • Puncture and automotive repair franchises in Bournemouth
  • Electric charging point installation franchises
  • Lawncare, landscaping, gardening and artificial grass installation franchises in Bournemouth

The Most Affordable Types of Franchises For Sale in Bournemouth

Many franchises offer investment packages to suit a range of budgets. If you’re new to franchising, it’s only to be expected that you’ll express caution. Franchises like Tubz vending and Husse pet foods offer a range of launch packages that scale the franchise by startup stock, territory size and most importantly, the upfront investment. In these cases, your full Bournemouth franchise territory will be on reserve meaning you can scale upwards at your own pace. Only the immediate launch package is more affordable, making it easier for you to get into business ownership via franchising.

It’s not uncommon to invest in a franchise for less than £10K. Vending franchises like Tubz are available from less than £5K, and with many banks in Bournemouth favouring franchising as a better route to business ownership, you can get a long term repayable loan too. Even the government have startup loans to help small business owners get their feet off the ground. Speak to your bank or financial institution if you would like to learn more about franchise finance.

The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of owning a franchise. Investment level bears little relevance to how much you can actually earn. Profits are dictated by your own efforts and the more you put in, the more you’ll get out!

The Best Food Franchises For Sale in Bournemouth

Mobile coffee and hog roast franchises are perfect examples of food franchises to run in Bournemouth, because they benefit from both domestic, B2B catering, corporate catering and event catering opportunities. Unlike premises based businesses, these types of franchises can be booked for events as well as “turn up” at busy commuter hotspots and local Bournemouth parks. Because franchises benefit from strong marketing presence and brand recognition, setting up a premises based food franchise in Bournemouth is also a fantastic opportunity to earn a significant turnover.

Some of the top types of food businesses to run in Bournemouth include:

  • Hog roast and corporate catering franchises for sale in Bournemouth UK
  • Pizza franchises for sale in Bournemouth including pizza van franchises Bournemouth, Dominos and Papa Johns are no exception
  • Chocolate café franchises in Bournemouth
  • Italian food franchises for sale in Bournemouth
  • Ice cream franchises for sale in Bournemouth

Support For Franchise Opportunities in Bournemouth

As a franchisee in Bournemouth, you will benefit from initial training and ongoing support from the franchisor. This might include R&D and development towards new products and services, keeping your business inline with the latest trends. The training you receive covers all aspects of the business, its practices and in detail the franchise operations manual. There are many resources out there including the British Franchise Association, to help new entrepreneurs entering the world of business ownership via franchising. The British Franchise Association for example, have a number of franchise training courses. As well as monthly Power Hour zoom calls to help you understand franchising in much more complexity, but the 40+ regulars on the call including bfa board, franchisors and advisors, will be happy to answer even the most novice of queries.

Spend time exploring franchise consultants within Bournemouth as well as legal advisors, who will support you in making the right decision. It is important to work with a franchise consultant to review the franchise agreements.

Businesses like the Federation of Small Businesses actively work with startups and franchisees alike, providing tax help, employment help, business documentation templates and so much more. There is so much support available to you. If you’re looking to get into business ownership, why not consider franchising?

Discover franchises for sale in Bournemouth at Franchise Planet.

Franchises in Dorset are often split up by postcode. Often your franchise territory will be made up of a number of different postcodes and cities around the Bournemouth area. Therefore you might find that your ideal franchise covers a number of other districts around you. Why not explore some of these neighbouring towns in your area?

Although a franchise may not be listed in our Bournemouth franchise directory, it doesn't mean they're not recruiting franchisees in Bournemouth.
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