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Fancy running your own business beside the Jurassic Coast? Discover franchises for sale in Dorset.

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We’re going through an exciting period of growth and are currently recrui...

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Best Franchises for Sale in Dorset

With a rich history and a coast often called The Jurassic Coast, Dorset is by far one of the best places to visit - and open a business!

Franchising offers entrepreneurs the chance to run a business backed by the support of the franchisor. Thanks to the proven business model offered through business format franchising, opening a franchise in Dorset offers much greater chances of success compared to starting up alone.

If you’re looking to be your own boss in Dorset then franchising is a fantastic choice. With many different franchises for sale in Dorset, from Poole to Bournemouth, Dorchester up to neighbouring counties, being your own boss could be right around the corner.

Demand for Franchises in Dorset

Reassuringly, is if a business has decided to franchise, it means the initial business model has proven successful. Franchising offers a scalable way for business owners in and around Dorset to grow their operations, by teaming up with franchisees to take their business reach to the next level. Thanks to the support of the franchisor and franchise consultants, you’ll receive all of the help you need in opening a franchise in Dorset. That includes territory and site selection, in order to maximise your potential success. Just like elsewhere in the UK, including nearby areas such as Salisbury, Hampshire and Devon, there is considerable demand for many types of franchises. But what are the most popular?

Best Franchises for Sale in Dorset

Some of the best types of franchises to own and operate in Dorset include:

  • Care Franchises – The healthcare sector is massive. Thanks to so many people working in research, development and care, life expectancy continues to grow and Dorset continues to welcome visitors and residents of all ages. As the population continues to grow, we see more and more demand for care related services in Dorset and as a result, healthcare franchises are in considerable demand. Types of care franchises include care home franchises, domiciliary care franchises community transport.
  • Food Franchises – Food and Beverage franchises are one of the best types of franchises to open in Dorset . With the rise of food delivery platforms (and franchises!), food businesses are no longer restricted to their storefront premises. Thanks to the COVID pandemic of 2020, the potential for food and takeaway has widely been realised, with so many food businesses adopting food delivery systems. Thanks to innovative types of franchises like mobile coffee and bubble tea, food franchises in [AREA] continues to thrive and will no doubt be resilient for many years to come.
  • Recruitment Franchises – Care franchises and many other management franchises can loosely be called recruitment franchises, as you’ll be employing staff to carry out the work for your business. However there are a number of specialist recruitment franchises in Dorset, in the care sector, logistics sector and several others. The recruitment franchises market is reasonably small but there are still some fantastic opportunities.

Advantages of Buying a Franchise in Dorset

The main advantage of buying a franchise in Dorset is its route to business ownership through investing in an already-established business. Where starting up a business from scratch has many risks and requires you to build up a brand from the start, franchising eliminates many of these risks. Buying a franchise in Dorset means you are able to benefit from the already recognised, already trading franchisor’s business.

With a franchise comes the knowledge and experience of the franchisor. As part of the franchise investment, you’ll usually benefit from full training and ongoing support, and that includes R&D too, to keep up with the trends of consumers in Dorset. Although you will need both the franchise investment plus working capital, you’re investing in a proven business rather than attempting to start one up from scratch.

Being a business owner comes with its own rewards, such as flexible working and the opportunity to work from home (if the business allows for it). Some more advantages of owning a franchise in Dorset include:

  • Full training and ongoing support.
  • Full equipment package and startup stock (if required) provided for the investment.
  • “Power of the brand” – wider brand recognition, which resonates better the more the franchise network grows.
  • Unlimited earning potential – with most franchises, your only barrier is how much effort you put in. Say goodbye to minimum wage and get ready to earn what you deserve.
  • Group marketing – by paying a monthly management service fee, you’ll be contributing to a group marketing fund which the franchisor can use to promote the franchise network through PPC, digital marketing and TV ad campaigns – marketing single businesses can’t afford nor benefit from as much.

Interested in running a franchise in Dorset? Take a look around our franchise directory today and find your perfect franchise. Alternatively if you're looking to invest in a nearby area or are looking to expand your existing franchise by purchasing a neighbouring territory, why not consider franchises for sale Devon and franchises for sale Hampshire?

Franchises in Dorset are often split up by postcode. Often your franchise territory will be made up of a number of different postcodes and cities around the Dorset area. Therefore you might find that your ideal franchise covers a number of other districts around you. Why not explore some of these neighbouring towns in your area?

Although a franchise may not be listed in our Dorset franchise directory, it doesn't mean they're not recruiting franchisees in Dorset.
Franchises are only listed in our Dorset directory if they're a franchise resale, or if they're specifically interested in recruiting franchisees in Dorset. If they're not listed above, then there's a good chance they're open to enquiries from all areas. Progress with your search by using the industry list menu and search by type.

There are currently no upcoming franchising events in Dorset. Are you hosting a franchising event or franchise discovery day in Dorset? Why not add your franchise event?

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