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NitroTreatz Desert Franchise logo
Fantastic Services Franchise logo

Fantastic Services Franchise

Join the UK's leading property maintenance franchise with over 25 diverse s...

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B for B Franchise logo

B for B Franchise

A Business for Breakfast franchise gives you two things: firstly, the satis...

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Envie Roses Franchise logo

Envie Roses Franchise

A home-based franchise providing gifts and memories that speak straight to ...

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Signarama Franchise

Join Signarama, the world's largest franchise in the sign industry. We will...

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AllStarz Desserts Franchise logo

AllStarz Desserts Franchise

Deliciously exceptional desserts with an amazing blend of flavours, AllStar...

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The Splashback Shop Franchise

The Splashback Shop team aim to service a gap in the UK splashback installa...

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Cello Franchise logo

Cello Franchise

Cello is a leading gift and home accessories retail shop. You can make home...

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Cocoba Chocolate Café Franchise logo

Cocoba Chocolate Café Franchise

Life is too short not to have the best. Join the multi-award winning chocol...

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Merry Maids Franchise logo

Merry Maids Franchise

Join the UK's leading cleaning franchise with over 30 years franchising exp...

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NitroTreatz Desert Franchise logo

NitroTreatz Desert Franchise

Own and operate your very own dessert parlour with NitroTreatz. With incred...

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Brilliant Businesses Franchise logo

Brilliant Businesses Franchise

A fantastic opportunity to build a flexible and profitable web-based busine...

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Recruitment Agency Franchise logo

Recruitment Agency Franchise

Exciting home based recruitment franchise opportunity, low cost, high retur...

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Healthy Feet Franchise logo

Healthy Feet Franchise

Healthy Feet Franchises is the UK's Number One Foot Massage Opportunity. Be...

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Black Rooster Peri Peri Franchise logo

Black Rooster Peri Peri Franchise

We’re going through an exciting period of growth and are currently recrui...

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Franchise Opportunities in London

If you're looking to set up a business in London and be your own boss, then franchising is a great first step. You don't need any prior knowledge of running a business, and most of the mistakes will have been made for you.

Franchising means to replicate an existing, successfully trading business through cloning its operational practices and intellectual property with the backing and support of the franchisor. If you're looking to open a franchise in London, you'll need to carry out due diligence and find the right opportunity for you.

How to Buy a Franchise in London?

Before jumping on the franchising wagon, you need to carry out due diligence. Ask yourself some questions...

  • What do you see yourself doing in 5-10 years time?
  • What type of business can you see yourself enjoying
  • Look at some franchises that you're interested in  - do they already have a franchisee in your area?

Due diligence steps should identify what sort of size the territory is, what the investment levels are of each franchise you look at, and whether existing franchisees are happy, trading and successful.

What Types of Franchises are Popular in London?

Being the capital city of the UK, London is one of the best places to open a franchise. It can also be a competitive one, so make sure you do your due diligence. With franchising, you'll be a part of a proven brand. So if you're looking to open a restaurant franchise in London for example, a better known brand is likely to appeal more to visitors than an unheard of one. If you're looking for a meal in London, your first thoughts might be TGI Fridays, Pizza Hut and the like. Franchising makes a brand more powerful and better known, and more likely to succeed than smaller businesses. Especially in London where there will be considerable competition.

Some of the most popular types of franchises in London include:

  • Professional services like cleaning franchises - being the capital, people who live in this area are more likely to have money to spend. They'll be able to afford a range of cleaning services like Oven Cleaning.
  • Food Franchises - As above, people in London will often have money to spend - whether they're a resident or visitor. South Kensington is known to be one of the most expensive places in the UK to buy/rent a house, and when you've got money to spend, its often tempting to try somewhere new. Regardless of the competition, opening a food franchise or business in London should be a good choice.

Advantages of Buying a Franchise in London

The main advantage of buying a franchise in London is its route to business ownership through investing in an already-established business. Where starting up a business from scratch has many risks and requires you to build up a brand from the start, franchising eliminates many of these risks. Buying a franchise in London means you are able to benefit from the already recognised, already trading franchisor’s business.

With a franchise comes the knowledge and experience of the franchisor. As part of the franchise investment, you’ll usually benefit from full training and ongoing support, and that includes R&D too, to keep up with the trends of consumers in London. Although you will need both the franchise investment plus working capital, you’re investing in a proven business rather than attempting to start one up from scratch.

Being a business owner comes with its own rewards, such as flexible working and the opportunity to work from home (if the business allows for it). Some more advantages of owning a franchise in London include:

  • Full training and ongoing support.
  • Full equipment package and startup stock (if required) provided for the investment.
  • “Power of the brand” – wider brand recognition, which resonates better the more the franchise network grows.
  • Unlimited earning potential – with most franchises, your only barrier is how much effort you put in. Say goodbye to minimum wage and get ready to earn what you deserve.
  • Group marketing – by paying a monthly management service fee, you’ll be contributing to a group marketing fund which the franchisor can use to promote the franchise network through PPC, digital marketing and TV ad campaigns – marketing single businesses can’t afford nor benefit from as much.

Interested in running a franchise in London? Take a look around our franchise directory today and find your perfect franchise.

Are you looking to buy a business for sale London or a franchise for sale London? Take a look around Franchise Planet today.

Looking to invest elsewhere or take on a neighbouring territory? Take a look at franchises for sale Kent and franchises for sale Sussex.

Franchises in London are often split up by postcode. Often your franchise territory will be made up of a number of different postcodes and cities around the London area. Therefore you might find that your ideal franchise covers a number of other districts around you. Why not explore some of these neighbouring towns in your area?

Although a franchise may not be listed in our London franchise directory, it doesn't mean they're not recruiting franchisees in London.
Franchises are only listed in our London directory if they're a franchise resale, or if they're specifically interested in recruiting franchisees in London. If they're not listed above, then there's a good chance they're open to enquiries from all areas. Progress with your search by using the industry list menu and search by type.

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