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Coffee Republic Franchise

An incredible opportunity to join a well-established franchise with a flexi...

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Cocoba Chocolate Café Franchise

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Be A Part of a Global Phenomenon - Coffee Franchises

Worldwide, over 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day and in terms of daily non-alcoholic beverage consumption, coffee is placed at number two, after water.

Coffee has woven itself into peoples lives and millions can't go without at least one cup, be it in the morning on the way to work, or in the office. There's no denying that coffee businesses are one of the biggest sectors globally. Have you thought about being a part of it? There are plenty of coffee shops for sale out there, but have you considered franchising?

Coffee Franchises - What Are They?

Owning a coffee franchise is just like owning your own business. You do in a way - you get to be your own boss, keep what you earn. But the difference is, with a coffee franchise, you're buying an established brand and being a part of a franchise network. Franchisees will buy the rights to trade as the coffee franchisor's brand name, and the coffee franchisee will use the franchisor's proven business model to run their own business. Trading under the brandname of a successful franchisor has many benefits over starting a business from scratch.

There will be an initial investment when buying a coffee franchise, but this will cover things like training and support, plus all of the materials and presumably, initial stock. Get in touch with a coffee franchise to learn what they offer.

Types of Coffee Franchises

For such a popular beverage globally, it should come as no surprise that the coffee franchise sector is also hugely diverse. Here are just some of the popular types of coffee franchises.

Coffee Shop Franchises

In most cases, you'll need a premises for a coffee shop franchise, but that's not always the case. Some franchisors might offer lower cost alternatives such as kiosks and coffee stands, but coffee food franchises that do require a premises and eat in facilities will be very much the same in terms of offering. One good example of a coffee shop franchise is Costa Coffee. As well as finding Costa on the highstreet, you're likely to find franchisees in theme parks and hospitals as well. This goes to show that despite location, having a well known brand name brings with it influence and reputation, just one of the many benefits of becoming a franchisee.

Mobile Coffee Franchises

If running a coffee shop premises or kiosk isn't for you, then you might be pleased to know there is an alternative - mobile coffee. Coffee vans, coffee bikes, these are all franchise opportunities.

Mobile coffee franchises will usually see you going to the customers, rather than customers coming to you. You'll be looking to get attendance to events, concerts, train stations etc, places where there will be lots of potential customers. Bringing the coffee to the customer rather than the other way round - what an ingenious idea.

Explore the Franchise Planet coffee franchises directory today and see what other types of coffee franchises you'll discover.

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Cocoba Chocolate Café Franchise

Could this be the perfect franchise for you?

Cocoba Chocolate Café Franchiseis a flexible franchise opportunity which can either be run from home, or out in the field. You may need a premises or van for this franchise, so be sure to make an enquiry to check with the franchisor. Conveniently for many, the Cocoba Chocolate Café Franchise can be run either full or part-time. Therefore the more work you put in, the more you're likely to get out. The Cocoba Chocolate Café Franchise business has been established since 2014 so franchisees will have peace of mind that the business model has plenty of experience under its belt. Mistakes will have been made by the franchisor, but they'll have been learnt from, and perfected by other franchisees.

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Coffee Republic Franchise

An incredible opportunity to join a well-established franchise with a flexible approach to starting, building and maintaining relationships with its franchisees, corporate partners, suppliers and customers.

Coffee Republic Franchise enables franchisees to run their own business from home. Enjoying the luuries of business ownership, Coffee Republic Franchise franchisees can benefit from low overheads, and a flexible lifestyle. Although the franchise requires full-time commitment (which may later lead to part-time opportunities), more commitment and effort means more potential earnings. Coffee Republic Franchise already has 1995 franchisees and counting, so you'll need to get in touch to check if your franchise is available. Franchise resales might be available too, where Coffee Republic Franchise businesses are sold with an existing customer base where the previous franchisee wishes to move on.

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