10 Van Based Franchises You Can Buy for Under £20K

Looking to get into business ownership? Discover franchising - here are ten low cost van based franchise opportunities

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10 Van Based Franchises Under £20K

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Van based franchises are a great choice for anyone looking to get a business of their own on the road. A highway to success, franchising has a widely accepted success rate of 93%, compared to start up businesses which are around 79%. If you’re looking for a low cost franchise which enables you to run a business independently, with as fewer overheads as possible, here are 10 van based franchises that are available for under £20,000.

These franchises for sale under £20,000 include the franchise investment figure, but don’t take into consideration that many banks are able to offer franchise finance. Generally, banks favour franchising – with many who are members of the British Franchise Association, including Natwest and Barclays. Banks are usually able to lend up to 70% of the investment, repayable over a number of years. This comes in useful for anyone planning to set aside more of their own money as working capital, but van based franchises are generally cash positive from day one so you’re earning back the investment very quickly.

What is a Franchise?

Franchising is a method of business expansion, where business owners license out the rights to trade to a third party. The brand’s owner (the franchisor) provides the support, brand and methods to the entrepreneur (franchisee) for them to run in their own exclusive territory. For the franchisee, investing in a franchise is very much like starting up your own business. The exception is rather than starting from scratch, you’re being given instructions on how to set up a business under the franchisor’s business model. Franchising isn’t “paid employment” and each franchisee owns the business they’re running. The franchisor owns the brand, whilst the franchisee pays a royalty fee for continued access to this license. This royalty fee often covers ongoings support, assistive marketing and further sector R&D.

Franchising generally has a greater success rate (93%) compared to solo startup businesses (79%) purely because with franchising, the business model is already established, and the branding is already recognised in other parts of the country. Some good examples of franchises you’ve probably heard of include Wiltshire Farm Foods, Oven Clean and of course, McDonald’s. The principal is the same with all franchises, you invest in the rights to trade and run a business in your area under that brand name.

10 Van Based Franchises You Can Run For Less than £20K Investment

Here are ten van based franchises available for less than £20K.

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1. Oven Wizards Franchise

Investment: £15,000

Founded by John Graham and Mark Abbot, Oven Wizards is one of the UK’s fastest growing oven cleaning franchises. With over 60 franchisees operating as of January 2023, the brand has seen considerable growth and only has a handful of territories remaining. Because of the B2C nature of the business, territories are sizeable, and the opportunities are vast. The demand has seen growth of franchisee’s businesses to include cleaning of other domestic appliances such as grills, hobs and BBQs. Cash positive from day one, and the opportunity to earn £70+ per clean, just doing five cleans, two days a week, has the potential to net you a fantastic figure. It’s easy to see how a fast return on investment can be made, but as a franchisee you will be expected to build up the brand in your area. This includes local marketing, social media and delivering leaflets to help promote your brand.

The Oven Wizards franchise territory includes 100,000 households, and 25,000 of those said marketing leaflets, not to mention magazine inclusion and so much more. The investment isn’t just a lesson on cleaning ovens, its a comprehensive business model with everything you need.

The Oven Wizards franchise costs £15,000 and there is a monthly fee of £280 for continued access to the brand and support. This fee is fixed, so unlike other franchises, the more you earn, the more you’ll keep.

Similar brands also available under £20K include Ovenclean (£10K) and Oven Rescue Group (£10K).

2. Driving Miss Daisy Franchise

A fantastic franchise opportunity that is at the forefront of community service. Driving Miss Daisy is a unique and rewarding franchise providing companionship and assisted transport within the franchisee’s territory. The Driving Miss Daisy franchise costs £10,000 exc VAT subject to territory size but this doesn’t include a van. You’ll need to source a vehicle yourself, but if you utilise the franchise funding options we’ve discussed previously, and look at the many vehicle leasing deals available, the Driving Miss Daisy franchise can certainly be yours for less than £20,000.

This is a home based franchise. Whilst van based in nature, you should understand that as a franchisee you’ll be required to market your business from a home office. For the franchise investment, you can enjoy a break even within 3 months and access to marketing materials, hire license support, support and an inbound Client Services Centre who handle calls for prospective clients within your area.

Investment: £10,000

3. Countrywide Signs Franchise

Members of the British Franchise Association, Countrywide Signs was established in 1998 and has a strong team of franchise experts leading the way as the brand expands across the UK.

As a Countrywide Signs franchisee, you’ll work with estate agents within your local territory, providing not just signage services but a complete management package. You’ll build strong relationships with clients, enabling repeat business and high turnover for a business model which is otherwise simple to run yet effective. With full training and support, you’ll hit the ground running. What’s more, the Countrywide Signs franchise is available from just £10,000 minimum investment!

Members of the British Franchise Association since 2001, Countrywide have a strong track record in franchising and what sets the franchise apart from others is its affordability and support for franchisees. Countrywide Signs is the only BFA member signage franchise available for less than £20K pre finance.

Investment: £10,000

4. Tubz Brands Franchise

Regarded as one of the most affordable franchises in the UK, Tubz is a leading vending franchise and an ideal entry point into the world of business ownership. Vending tower franchises like Tubz enable franchise owners to scale the business according to their experience, interests, finances and ambitions. Starting at £4,295, franchisees of a Tubz franchise can take on workload to suit their ambitions. The more work they take on, the greater the investment required but the greater the earnings too.

How does it work? Depending on the franchise package the franchisee chooses, a number of towers are included as part of this. Franchisees make profit from the products sold via the towers, and these earnings scale the more towers the franchisee operates. Tubz don’t take ongoing franchise fees, only a small percentage on the cost of stock when a franchisee purchases refills. The cheapest Tubz package incudes 10 towers, 11 boxes of branded stock, floor stands plus 10 qualified placement locations.

The Tubz franchise is ideal for anyone looking to get into business ownership. With full training and support, plus towers and stock, this is a fantastic entry point. Low overheads, low investment, and can be run alongside employment or whatever you’re doing now, with minimal loss. Once you grow in confidence you can take on more towers and maximise your earnings. This is also great for any existing business owner looking to increase their profits.

Investment: Starting at £4,295

5. Screen Rescue Commercial Windscreen Repair Franchise

Operating solely in the commercial sector, Screen Rescue offer franchisees the opportunity to build a multi van windscreen repair business in their own area. With franchisees in Chelmsford, Stevenage and Birmingham, Screen Rescue is expanding with many opportunities available across the UK. Choosing to operate solely in the commercial sector, franchisees will benefit from repeat business clients. Because of the sizeable territories available to franchisees, owners can either run the business themselves, or employ technicians and purchase additional vehicles, maximising turnover, with the opportunity to take on additional neighbouring territories.

Franchisees Keith and Glenn are Screen Rescue’s newest franchisees and since investing, they haven’t looked back. Discover an award-winning commercial windscreen repair franchise. Repeat winners of the Virtual Franchising Awards.

Investment: £19,750

6. Husse UK Franchise

Husse is one of several pet food delivery franchises in the UK and similarly to other van based franchises, combines van and home based working. With a Husse franchise, you’ll need a shed or outbuilding to store pet food supplies, carrying out marketing and business roles from a home office. Alongside this, you’ll use your van to deliver a wide range of pet foods to many different types of animals – from horses to dogs.

This is a fantastic franchise because more than 62% of households own a pet in the UK. This means you’ll be able to benefit from more than half of your franchise territory demographic. Husse franchise territories depend on the package the franchisee chooses, and these scale according to budget. The smallest Husse package is £7,900 and includes 35,000 households. Serving just 1 percent of this territory (350) each week can earn you a significant income. Take that 1% up to the 62% average of pet owners and you can easily see just how much Husse franchisees have the potential to earn! Husse packages go up to 80,000 household territories and £14,900 investment, still well under then £20K scope of this article.

Established in 1987 and with over 1,500 franchisees trading, you’ll benefit from a track record of over 40 years experience.

Investment: Starting at £7,900

Similarly priced alternative franchises include Trophy Pet Foods (£13,995) and OSCAR Pet Foods (£8,995).

7. Spitting Pig Franchise

Spitting Pig are offering entrepreneurs the chance to develop their own catering business with a trusted brand. Claiming to be the only franchise to guarantee £150,000 in bookings in year one, Spitting Pig are members of the British Franchise Association which redoubles the security to those looking to invest, knowing that the business model is tried and tested and has the bfa member seal of approval.

With franchise opportunities available both part and full time, franchisees can choose how they want to run the Spitting Pig franchise in their area.

As with most van based franchises, a combination of van and home based working presides, with marketing done outside of catering work. However with the £150,000 booking guarantee, franchisees will enjoy spending more time with their clients and less time in the office.

Investment: £12,500

Similarly priced franchises include Gourmet Hog Roast Franchise (£7,500).

8. Fantastic Services Franchise

The Fantastic Services network consider themselves a one-stop-shop for franchising opportunities, and turning over 100 services into profitable businesses, its difficult to challenge that. With a whopping 530+ franchisees across the globe with two master franchisees and 36+ area development franchisees. Fantastic Services is quickly becoming a market leader in a wide range of services.

Operating in cleaning, gardening, handyman, pest control, removals and many other sectors, Fantastic Services have opportunities from master franchisee to area development franchisee, working franchisee to owner operator. The most affordable option will of course be the owner operator franchise, where you run the business by yourself in your own area. As with most franchises, you’ll benefit from support and training from the franchisor, plus benefit from Fantastic’s know-how and strong experience in the many sectors they specialise.

As a franchisee with Fantastic Services, you’ll choose the type of business you want to run. Be it cleaning or gardening, with cleaning you’ll be able to specialise in a range of services – from oven cleaning to carpet cleaning amongst others. Fantastic Services have opportunities to suit everyone, and for less than £20K, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Investment: £19,000

An all round franchise, alternatives include Trugreen (£8,400) and Sky High Window Cleaning (£10K) but others are also available.

9. Revive! Franchise

Revive! is a franchise that is “setting new standards in mobile car care”. An award winning franchise, Revive! franchisees have the opportunity to fully maximise their territory’s potential. Revive! serve both domestic and commercial clients, with car body repairs and alloy wheel refurb. Although the Revive! franchise can be run as a management franchise, the business can too be run owner operated. For an investment of just £20,000+VAT (with funding available), a turnover of greater than £1million is indeed possible.

Winners of the 5 star franchise satisfaction award 2022, and winners of countless other awards – plus members of the British Franchise Association – Revive! is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who loves cars and enjoys spending the most of their time on the road.

Investment: £20,000

Similar alternatives also under £20,000 include Kerb Appeal (£10k) and Restore Automotive (£9,950).

10. Really Awesome Coffee Franchise

Utilising the franchise funding opportunities available to you from banks such as Barclays and BFA partners, a van based mobile coffee franchise could be yours for under £10k.

Really Awesome Coffee is one of the UK’s leading coffee van franchises, but is the most affordable of them all. One of the only mobile coffee van franchises under £20,000 investment, Really Awesome Coffee franchisees can be on the road for less than £10,000 personal investment – and that includes a deposit on a Mercedes coffee van. Ongoing monthly fees are £69 per week, similar to Oven Wizards which is £280 per month.

Coffee in the UK contributes £9.6bn to the economy – be a part of this with the UK’s leading mobile coffee van franchise.

Investment: £19,950+VAT

Similar alternatives include Coffee Blue (£18,950) and Triple Two Coffee Van (also £19,950 + £130 pw MSF).

Take Control of Your Future with a Van Based Franchise

Investing in a franchise means you’ll be purchasing the rights to trade as a proven business model, using an established brand name. We use the term “invest” rather than “buy” because as you run the business, you’ll be building up a valuable asset which you can later sell. Many franchise resales are sold for much more than what the franchisee initially paid, because hard work adds to the value and so does the client base and reputation you build up.

Van based businesses are ideal for everyone. Whether its a coffee van franchise or a courier business, there are many franchises for sale UK and many businesses able to assist with whatever concerns you may have. From franchise consultants to BFA-approved lenders and vehicle leasing companies, franchising is a very well supported sector.

More and more people are discovering franchising as a route to self employment that they haven’t looked back from – do you have what it takes to be a franchisee with a leading brand? Why not attend a franchise discovery day or exhibition and find out more about franchising.

Buying a Van Based Franchise FAQ

Do van based franchises really cost less than £20K?

Yes – all of the franchises listed above can be invested in for less than £20K. Many banks such as Barclays and Natwest are able to assist with franchise funding. For example, some businesses may allow you to borrow and repay over 5 years with low interest rates. Franchise funding can often be repaid over 5+ years, a length similar to that of the franchise contract, offering sustainable repayment solutions.

Do I get a van with a van based franchise?

In most cases – no. But the franchisor will often be able to point you in the direction of an approved vehicle lender. With many pay monthly leasing details, you’ll still be able to make a sustainable profit from your business. If you turn over £600 in one week, you’ve paid off your month’s vehicle lease and most – if not all – of your royalty fees.

Are van based franchises profitable?

Van based businesses are profitable provided the franchisee makes the effort for the business to be so. Typically run as an owner operator business, van franchises often enable the franchisee to scale their workload in line with their ambitions. Taking on more clients is up to them, and the sky’s the limit.

Franchise investments are correct as of April 2023. As of April 2023, many banks are members of the British Franchise Association, including:

  • Barclays
  • Natwest
  • Lloyds

HSBC for example have a number of loan options to choose from, be it £1,000 or £25,000. Many BFA member banks are able to help in similar terms, helping you to get your van based franchise off the ground.

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