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There's no denying that brits love fitness. Whether it's an early morning jog or an intensive bike ride, demand for fitness related franchises has never been higher. Browse fitness franchises below.

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Fitness Franchises – A Booming Sector

According to Statistica, the UK fitness market is worth approximately $6.7bn, with consistently over 6 million people year on year contributing to this. Concerns surrounding the effects of obesity continue to grow, but thankfully so does an interest in gym and fitness, making a happy and healthy population.

Around 200,000 people are employed in the health and fitness sector in the UK, which makes franchising a fantastic opportunity to help unemployment and contribute to a healthy economy.

What is a fitness franchise?

There are many types of fitness franchises: Swimming franchises, gym franchises, football club franchises – these are just a few of the many types of fitness businesses that are available as franchise opportunities.

A fitness franchise is a business which has proven successful in trading both as the initial business, and through the pilot operation – an attempt to reproduce the business under franchising conditions, and compilation of an operations manual. Through buying a fitness franchise, you’ll be granted the rights to trade under the brand name of the health, fitness or gym franchise business you have invested in. You’ll usually get a selection of other things included as part of your investment too, such as uniforms, training and more.

Types of fitness franchises

Below are just some of the popular types of franchise opportunities which are trending today.

  • Gym franchises, including Electro Muscle Stimulation franchises.
  • Swimming franchises, not just for adults but mother and baby classes too.
  • Yoga franchises and pilates franchises.
  • Dance franchises, not just for adults but for children too.

Benefits of a Fitness Franchise

One of the benefits of a fitness franchise, and quite an obvious one, is that you’ll be helping your local community to get fit, stay in shape, or just enjoy moving about. Fitness doesn’t need to be an intensive workout in an underground gym. It can be water aerobics, peaceful yoga or afterschool football classes. You’ll be helping your local community get into exercise, whilst enjoying it and having a great time.

Another benefit of fitness franchises is the support you’ll receive as a franchisee. This is one of the reasons so many people choose to run a their own business using business format franchising model compared to starting up from scratch. Because you’ll be trading under the franchisor’s brand name, you’ll be harnessing their brand recognition for your area, and your success will contribute a positive effect for them and their other franchisees. Word spreads. Good word of mouth will travel fast, through reviews, social media and local literature. Therefore, the franchisor will provide all of the training and support you need (as well as being there for you throughout your franchise license duration) to ensure you stay happy, and trading effectively as possible.

The franchisor will have made mistakes in the past, but provided you follow the franchise operations manual and ensure that you strictly follow the business model, you should be able to achieve profitability from the earnings outlined in the franchise documentation.

Get started with a gym or fitness franchise today and start making a difference in your area.

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