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Love the Outdoors? Run Your Own Gardening Franchise

If you love the outdoors and dream of being your own boss, why not consider a gardening franchise?

There are a wide range of outdoor related franchises such as landscaping, lawncare and artificial grass installation. What franchise are you interested in?

What Are Gardening Franchises?

We use the term "Gardening Franchises" to broadly refer to any sort of franchise which involves lawns or landscaping, either on a domestic or commercial scale.

Just like most van based franchises, whether the business operates in a domestic or commercial setting depends on the franchisor. Depending on the business model, gardening and landscaping franchises might allow either or repeat income, or one off services.

As the name suggests, gardening and lawncare franchises will expect a considerable amount of the franchisee's time outside. So, if you love the outdoors, then a gardening related franchise would definitely be one to put on your list.

Types of Gardening Franchises

At first glance, you might be quick to judge that gardening franchises are just cutting grass, or tidying up gardens. But there is more to it than that. Here are some of the lesser known, but widely in demand, types of gardening franchises:

  • Artificial Grass Franchises - More and more people are choosing to use artificial grass, over real grass. One of the reasons: people cannot find the time to cut or maintain their original grass. Some people might not have had grass in the first place! As decking begins to disintegrate with the weather, or slabs suffer discolouration and become bordered with unsightly weeds, it goes without saying just how easy artificial lawn is to manage. Artificial grass is in demand, so take advantage of this booming sector. Artificial grass franchises, in many cases, can be run on both a domestic and commercial operation. You might be installing grass at a local kids park or school (B2B), then the next day installing it at a neighbours (B2C).
  • Lawncare Franchises - For those that do prefer real grass, there is still plenty of franchising potential. Real grass, like slabs, is also a target for weeds (and cats!),  leading to discolouration, uneven patches and loss of growth in places. Lawncare gardening franchises will usually have multiple revenue streams, so coupled with landscaping and lawncare, the franchise can offer lots of potential.
  • Landscaping Franchises - There comes a time in everyone's life when one is just not up to the task of pulling weeds, digging out stumps or jetwashing the patio. Whether landscaping an elderly person's garden or working on behalf of the council to landscape a park, franchisees will have the pleasure of knowing they're making their community a better place to be.

As part of your franchise due diligence, speak to the franchisor to get an understanding of the revenue streams associated with each business you enquire about. Different franchises offer different models so get an understanding of what each franchise offers.

Advantages of Gardening Franchises

If you love the outdoors, then gardening franchises are a no-brainer. Being van based business models, the investment will usually be low cost. In some cases, under £20,000 franchises because all you need is a van and equipment. Equipment required will vary franchise to franchise, but chemicals and tools will usually be needed. Tools such as pressure washers will be needed if the franchise involves moss removal from driveways etc. Or for lawn care, chemicals to treat the grass. Beneficially, this will all be included in the investment (usually, or at least starting stock).

Another advantage of gardening franchises is the expansive customer potential. Every road usually has at least 100 houses, some franchise territories will be in the hundred-thousands of properties.

One final advantage of gardening related franchises is of course the repeat income potential. Once you've treated a lawn, you'll have the opportunity to upsell on repeated visits to clients to continue treatment.

Disadvantages of Gardening Franchises

Unfortunately, being an outdoor franchise, you'll be working in all types of weather. Rain might hinder the installation of artificial grass, or extreme heat may make landscaping unbearable for several hours of work a day. Although this is countered by the ability to plan your workload and work flexibly, you shouldn't let customers down. As a recognised business brand, you should aim to uphold only the highest levels of customer service for the benefit of your franchise and other franchisees.

Another disadvantage, true with all types of franchise, is that it isn't guaranteed success. As with anything in life, there is the potential of failure. Don't forget though, the franchisor will have established the business and (hopefully) a pilot franchise, so its better than starting up alone!

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