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Travel & Leisure Franchises - The Gateway To Your New Career?

Travel franchises enable you to be your own boss while running your own business in the travel sector. As the population grows, so does the demand for holidays and leisure related activities. You won't necessarily be running a travel business from a shop with these types of franchises. Many travel businesses are online based now, thanks to the rise of people looking to book holidays on the web, making travel franchises a diverse franchise sector.

What Are Travel Franchises?

A travel franchise is a business which has been successfully replicated as a business format franchise, which deals in travel related activities. As a result, this makes the sector mainly B2C, but there could be some elements of B2B franchising involved.

Investing in a travel franchise is generally a safer option for running your own business. Franchises are established by the franchisor (the owner of the IP) and using a proven business format, are replicated for others to run under that brand name. Thanks to the power of the brand name, the more franchisees a company has, the wider the brand recognition which can have a positive effect on the success.

Unlike starting up a travel franchise alone, buying a travel franchise means you've got group marketing power, a proven brand, and support from the franchisor/head office. You'll receive initial training too, which makes running your own travel business much safer, because the franchisor (and however many franchisees) have been there and done that.

Advantages of Travel Franchises

Despite the name, you probably won't be travelling as part of your franchisee responsibilities. However if the franchise can be run from home, there's nothing stopping you from travelling - if all you need is a laptop and a phone, there's nothing stopping you from doing just that!

Many franchises that can be run from home have low overhead costs. This means that once the license fee and any initial costs are paid off, you'll only have the monthly management fees and equipment running costs to worry about. This is cheaper than owning/running a van in a van based franchise, or staff / rental costs for say, a coffee shop. There are many other advantages of home based franchises, and many do apply to travel franchises.

Another advantage of travel franchises is you'll be getting paid to plan great holidays for people. You'll rest easy knowing that you're setting up fantastic holidays for your community and delivering fantastic customer service.

Disadvantages of Travel Franchises

Although the upfront investment for franchises is seen by many as an expense, it should be considered as an investment instead. Of course, this can be quite a large investment, anywhere from a few hundred up to hundreds of thousands for higher end franchises. However, the cost will usually be relative to the franchise package that you'll be receiving as part of the investment. If you're investing in a high end restaurant franchise that is well known, the brandname carries a strong message and the franchisor will be looking only for high worth businesses and entrepreneurs that are deemed more likely to be successful. With any franchise, the franchisor will want you to be successful, so a big training and support package may make up a lot of the investment. So some franchises may well be expensive at first, but if you're determined to make the business work, you'll make that investment back (known as breaking even).

One more disadvantage of travel franchises, is as i've said before, the rise of booking holidays online. There may be uncertainty surrounding bricks and mortar travel agents, so check with the franchisor if they are a home based franchise opportunity, or if you require a high street premises.

Best Types of Leisure Franchises

We've discussed mainly travel franchises, but leisure and entertainment franchises also come under this category. Here are some of the top types of travel and leisure franchises.

  • Party Tent Franchises
  • Holiday Booking Franchises including Travel Franchises and Cruise Franchises
  • Christmas Decorating Franchises

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Driving Miss Daisy Franchise

With over 265 profile views and 5 enquiries in the last 24 hours, franchise territories are selling fast with this franchise.

Driving Miss Daisy Franchiseis a flexible franchise opportunity which can either be run from home, or out in the field. You may need a premises or van for this franchise, so be sure to make an enquiry to check with the franchisor. One of the benefits of Driving Miss Daisy Franchise is that the business can be run on a part-time basis, adapting to your own lifestyle whilst being your own boss. The Driving Miss Daisy Franchise business has been established since 2014 so franchisees will have peace of mind that the business model has plenty of experience under its belt. Mistakes will have been made by the franchisor, but they'll have been learnt from, and perfected by other franchisees. Driving Miss Daisy Franchise already has 50 franchisees and counting, so you'll need to get in touch to check if your franchise is available. Franchise resales might be available too, where Driving Miss Daisy Franchise businesses are sold with an existing customer base where the previous franchisee wishes to move on.

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