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What Are Courier Franchises?

Couriers play a vital role in the flow of products and services around the world. Courier franchises are businesses which follow the business format franchising principals, enabling seamless expansion.

Like most other types of businesses, courier services can be franchised as well. There are many independent haulier franchises which have been successfully franchised and there are more courier franchises out there than you might think.

Types of Courier Franchises

Just some of the best courier franchises include:

  • Food Delivery Franchises - There has been explosive growth in demand for takeaways and food ordering services across the country. In order for food ordering giants to reach other parts of the UK, you guessed it, couriers are needed. And here's that term again, many courier franchises are "management franchises" meaning you probably won't be delivering the food yourself! You'll be hiring the staff to do the local food deliveries, whilst you control, or "manage", the staff and the running of the business.
  • Haulage Franchises - Franchises like Transol are independent hauliers. Haulage franchises will often see you managing a fleet of vehicles, managing drivers, and ensuring the success of your franchise.
  • Retail Franchises - Not all courier franchises will be on the road. Courier activities may be centred at a bricks and mortar premises, for example mail box franchises.

Advantages of Courier Franchises

You're probably well aware that many people are choosing to buy, spend and sell online now rather than in-store. Food franchises are heading that way, thanks to the ease of ordering and the availability of food delivery. But with the rise of various couriers and services like Royal Mail's doorstep pickups, the need to go outside is at an all time low. But someone needs to do it, because as demand for deliveries soars, so does the need for courier franchises. Courier demand is set to continue to grow and now is a fantastic time to get involved.

Because the courier sector is quite diverse, the price range / investment required is very much varied also so if you're looking to get involved, there's likely to be a delivery related franchise to suit everyone's budget.

Disadvantages of Courier Franchises

There is huge competition from big companies such as Just Eat, Uber and Royal Mail within delivery sectors, which can put people off. But the benefit of franchising is that as a franchise network grows, the brand becomes wider recognised and more established. Who knows what food delivery franchise could be next on the menu?

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Husse UK Franchise

With over 361 profile views and 14 enquiries in the last 24 hours, franchise territories are selling fast with this franchise.

Husse UK Franchiseis a flexible franchise opportunity which can either be run from home, or out in the field. You may need a premises or van for this franchise, so be sure to make an enquiry to check with the franchisor. Conveniently for many, the Husse UK Franchise can be run either full or part-time. Therefore the more work you put in, the more you're likely to get out. The Husse UK Franchise business has been established since 1987 so franchisees will have peace of mind that the business model has plenty of experience under its belt. Mistakes will have been made by the franchisor, but they'll have been learnt from, and perfected by other franchisees. Husse UK Franchise already has 1500 franchisees and counting, so you'll need to get in touch to check if your franchise is available. Franchise resales might be available too, where Husse UK Franchise businesses are sold with an existing customer base where the previous franchisee wishes to move on.

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