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Be Your Own Boss with a Hog Roast Franchise

Hog Roasts are amongst the top choices for corporate and party catering. Offering a wide range of catering options including vegetarian options, hog roasts are a leading choice for anyone looking to throw an event to remember.

If you're looking to get into business ownership, choosing one like catering is a fantastic choice. Why? Because as well as offering sizeable, exclusive territories, franchisees can usually serve both domestic and commercial (corporate) clients. Maximising the potential within their area.

You don't need any past experience within the catering or food and beverage sectors because full training and support is provided. Your franchise investment also covers the equipment such as tables, hog roast machines and uniforms. Franchising isn't just about showing you how to roast a pig. Its about showing you the way to successful business ownership, providing you with the tools and experience to help you along the way.

How Much Do Hog Roast Franchises Cost?

Hog roast and corporate catering franchises generally cost less than £20K. If you're looking to get into business ownership via franchising, there are many franchise funding options available. Many banks favour franchising as a more successful route to business ownership. In fact many are members of the British Franchise Association and can lend up to 70% of the investment. You will also need a vehicle. There are a lot of vehicle leasing and seller businesses within franchising who can offer monthly payment options as well to help spread the cost of your hog roast franchise.

Why Choose a Hog Roast Franchise?

Hog roasting businesses are lucrative because they operate at sizeable events. Generally a single event of up to 50 people will turnover upwards of £500. This is for a small pig which will cost around £100. If you were to go it alone, the costs for you would be a lot higher. Finding a trusted farmer to provide you with your pigs at a best possible rate. The main benefit in this scenario with franchising is you get access to suppliers within the franchise network. Farmers which work with all franchisees. This group purchasing power means farmers can offer a better rate for their hogs, in exchange for receiving business from all franchisees. If you went it alone, you don't benefit from this increased buying power. Your purchases will be closer to public prices than wholesale trade prices, meaning your business costs will be a lot higher.

The supply and resale of pigs and side foods in hog roasting is one of the biggest turning points between the success and failure. You need to be able to offer a competitive rate to attract clients, and because of the established brand name and group purchasing power, franchises are able to do this very well.

Hog roast machines, gazebos, tables, equipment, uniforms - these are all provided to you for the franchise investment. Going it alone, you'd likely spend a lot more on equipment purchases and trying to find a wholesaler to supply you with catering food.

Discover franchising as a route to self employment. Browse a range of hog roast businesses for sale and franchise opportunities at Franchise Planet.

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Spitting Pig Franchise

With over 377 profile views and 18 enquiries in the last 24 hours, franchise territories are selling fast with this franchise.

Spitting Pig Franchise enables franchisees to run their own business from home. Enjoying the luuries of business ownership, Spitting Pig Franchise franchisees can benefit from low overheads, and a flexible lifestyle. One of the benefits of Spitting Pig Franchise is that the business can be run on a part-time basis, adapting to your own lifestyle whilst being your own boss. The Spitting Pig Franchise business has been established since 1994 so franchisees will have peace of mind that the business model has plenty of experience under its belt. Mistakes will have been made by the franchisor, but they'll have been learnt from, and perfected by other franchisees. Spitting Pig Franchise already has 28 franchisees, so opportunities are selling very quickly. You should get in touch with the franchisor to check whether your territory is still available to trade in. Territories are usually broken down by postcodes.

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