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Join a Booming Part of the Beauty Sector

With the UK beauty industry estimated at a whopping £12bn in 2022, its fair to say that beauty and wellness is a strong market for franchising. With many different types of beauty franchises available, there are a lot of ways to get a slice of the market. One of the biggest sectors within the beauty industry is massage.

For years the beauty industry has continued to diversify. There are now more entry points into the world of business ownership within beauty than ever before. Some of the top types of beauty businesses available as franchises include hair salons, beauty retail and of course massage.

There are many different types of massage. From deep tissue to Swedish and Thai. Franchisees operating within this sector are usually able to benefit from these by offering a wide range of services.

What is a Massage Franchise?

A massage franchise is a beauty business which has been franchised, which primarily operates within massage related activities. For a massage business to be considered a franchise, the business owner needs to franchise their business.

Franchising a massage business involves establishing a profitable and successful beauty business. Once the business owner has deemed the business profitable, the owner would then look to franchise by hiring the help of a franchise consultant. Once the necessary franchising documentation has been sorted out, the massage franchisor will usually open a pilot franchise before recruiting their first proper franchisees.

What Top Types of Massage Franchises are Available?

In order to maximise potential clientele, beauty franchises have evolved to operate both storefront, kiosk and mobile services. And this is true of many massage franchises.

Storefront Massage Franchises

A storefront premises will be a massage shop. You'll usually need premises and enough funds to cover the costs of shop fitting. If you don't have a premises, most beauty sector franchisors will be able able to help you find a suitable location. Be sure to check with the franchisor to find out exactly what sort of support they provide.

Kiosk Massage Franchises

A kiosk is a cross between storefront and a mobile business. Kiosk franchises will usually be cheaper than storefront but higher than a mobile franchise. Positioned in high footfall areas such as shopping malls, kiosks offer massage and beauty treatments without needing a bricks and mortar premises. Kiosks are a great way to maximise exposure and many franchisors are favouring them as a more affordable entry point for many franchisees who can't raise the capital for a full on massage shop.

Mobile Massage Franchises

Bringing the massage to the customer. Mobile massage franchises allow franchisees to scale the business at their own pace, taking on as many clients as suits them. Thanks to the scalable nature, earning potential can be considerable. Unlike kiosk and shop franchises, a mobile business typically involves a car which franchisees will use to attend clients. The nature of this means overheads will be lower, and franchisees will enjoy working from home if not carrying out a massage.

Let's take a look at some of the different types of massaging businesses available.

Foot Massage Franchises

A trending choice for those looking to get into the world of beauty, foot massage are equally a top choice for solo startups. Unfortunately 21% of startup businesses fail, but this risk percentage drops to just 9% in franchising. With 91% of franchisees claiming profitability, foot massage franchisees enjoy training, support and a proven business model. Generally you'll also undergo certification and professional training to become a foot massaging franchise owner.

Usually run either as a kiosk, storefront or owner-operated car based franchise. Looking to start a foot massage business? Why not consider franchising? There are a handful of reputable healthy feet franchises out there.

Massage Salon Franchises

Often combining the revenue streams of many types of massage, premises based massage franchises are often the most lucrative. Salon owners have demonstrated franchise resilience and recession proof, by providing mobile massage services.

Do I Need Any Massage Experience?

Not necessarily. In order to make massage franchises an attractive entry point to business ownership, some types of businesses can be run on a management basis. This means you employ a professional massage therapist to do the work, whilst you don't actually need to do the massages. Your role will in this case, be finding suitable staff, finding clients and marketing the business.

But almost all mobile massage franchises will expect you to run the business as a solo operator to maximise earnings and minimise costs. That said, you'll get full training and support in everything there is to know about massage.

Going Into Massage - Independent or Franchise?

If you're looking to run your own business, you've probably asked yourself this question many times: how do I go about running a massage business; independent start-up or invest in a franchise?

Well, if you're looking to go down a safer route with powerful knowledge and experience of the franchisor behind you, franchising is a good way forward. Unfortunately with independent business, you don't have the experience the franchisor has. Not to mention a solid business model and established brand. The whole being greater than the sum of its parts, having all of these things in place are why franchising has such a high success rate (93%).

There are many different types of massage and it is all quite specialised, meaning if you're reading this then you've probably thought about getting involved for some time. Maybe you've worked as an employee, or maybe you've had some treatment yourself and fancied getting involved. Why reinvent the wheel when you can become a franchisee and run your own business, but with a proven brand name, with massage franchises.

The Cost of Massage Franchises UK

So how much do massage franchises cost? The massage franchise cost will usually be between £20,000 and £100,000 depending on the business model you choose. The elements that make up a franchise will very much determine how much it costs. While luxury UK massage franchises will require a somewhat higher investment, owner operated franchises usually have low overheads and are cheaper in the long run.

Owner-operated franchises like foot massage are usually amongst the most affordable. Often requiring a vehicle rather than a premises, initial investment is a lot lower.

What are the Best Massage Franchises to Own?

There is no such thing as the "best" franchise to buy. Chances are, if you're researching the best massage franchises to buy, you're probably looking for one which is best recognised or has the greatest levels of turnover potential. Some of the best massage franchises in the UK based on these points are:

  • Massage Envy franchise for sale
  • Elements theraputic massage franchise
  • The Massage Company

However it's important to emphasise that franchising is all about growing a brands reach, scaling the business to reach wider coverage and ultimately gain greater brand recognition. All the while offering a safer route to business ownership for entrepreneurs. As a result, provided you carry out due diligence, and research reputable brands, what you make out of a franchise business depends on you. What will make the massage therapy franchise profitable will depend on the work you put in. Luxury massage franchises will usually have a higher initial investment, often premises based, and likely require staff. If you have the required investment and working capital, running a high end massage franchise will have its rewards. But in the same manner, running a smaller owner operated business also has the potential to yield what you fancy. The more you put in the more you'll get out. So truthfully there is no real "best massage franchise opportunity", all franchised massage businesses have the same goal, - to become nationwide and deliver their unique services to customers - they're just growing at different paces.

How Long Does it Take to Open a Massage or Wellness Spa Franchise?

Wellness spa and massage therapy franchises will take longer to open compared to owner operated mobile businesses. While liability insurance and training will take a similar amount of time regardless of the model, store fitout and staff recruitment delays launch of the business as opposed to if you were to run an owner operated mobile beauty franchise. Subject to training, the typical time to go live for a mobile franchise is around 6 weeks. Comparably, assuming you have a premises already, brick and mortar businesses usually take around 2 months plus.

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Mobile Massages Limited

This is a fantastic business model more and more people are choosing.

Mobile Massages Limited enables franchisees to run their own business from home. Enjoying the luuries of business ownership, Mobile Massages Limited franchisees can benefit from low overheads, and a flexible lifestyle. One of the benefits of Mobile Massages Limited is that the business can be run on a part-time basis, adapting to your own lifestyle whilst being your own boss. The Mobile Massages Limited business has been established since 2017 so franchisees will have peace of mind that the business model has plenty of experience under its belt. Mistakes will have been made by the franchisor, but they'll have been learnt from, and perfected by other franchisees.

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