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What Are SEO and Marketing Franchises?

Both SEO and Marketing businesses are quite niche, so we've combined both of these sectors into one page.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of SEO, then a brief explanation is in order. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and plays an important role in helping businesses when it comes to visibility online. There are a considerable number of factors that come in to play when improving the SEO of a business's website, including:

  • Off Page SEO such as back links and off-site presence (social media etc)
  • On page SEO such as internal linking
  • Site Content such as blogs, keyword research
  • Core Web Vitals and site performance enhancements
  • Mobile usability

Simply put, if a website's SEO is rubbish, it probably won't rank well. And if it doesn't rank well, the business will have a hard time in the online world. Which is where SEO franchises come in to play.

SEO can be an incredibly expensive and time- consuming process. It can be a struggle for a small business, after all, writing good quality content on a regular basis is no easy feat.

So SEO and digital marketing franchises are there to help businesses. It's all good and proper having a business website, but you need to build an effective online presence. That means having good SEO, regularly updated blog, fresh social media pages, and you need engagement with your customers. Regular updates, newsletters and offers.

What Do Marketing Franchises Do?

There are lots of marketing and SEO franchises out there. Some just offer web design and SEO, some are specialists in mobile apps, whilst others are web development companies. Marketing franchises can help businesses to better build on their online presence and help them to stand out from their competitors.

SEO businesses are similar to marketing businesses, in that they will at some point, deal with content and the quality of the on page optimisation, but the goal of an SEO expert is to get a site up the rankings. So that does diverge into aspects like link building, creating business directory listings and ensuring the website runs fast. In a way, SEO and Marketing go hand in hand, so you'll often find franchises that cater for both of these markets.

Why Buy a Marketing and SEO Franchise?

You'll be operating in the B2B sector, so your primary clients will be businesses. This means the earning potential can be very high because businesses will pay good money to beat their competitors on search engines. And with good SEO, the customer experience can be better too, increasing their conversions.

Many SEO franchises either provide you with full training and support, or don't actually require you to do any SEO work yourself. In the latter event, your primary role will be finding and building relationships with clients. That might be small, medium and large businesses. The franchisor will work with a web development company who will carry out the tasks for your clients, whilst you focus on building the business.

As a result, SEO franchises can be run from home, to your own schedule. SEO and Marketing franchises therefore offer a good work life balance and are ideal for both parents and those looking to operate a business on the side of whatever they're doing currently.

How Much do SEO Franchises Cost?

You should expect to pay between £5,000 and £30,000 depending on the franchise. The franchise package will usually consist of:

  • Full training and support
  • Rights to use the franchisor's branding and IP
  • Launch marketing and your own website, email address and advertising pack
  • Plus any other franchise-specific software such as CRMs

The franchise investment will depend on the level of training and support provided, and of course the size of the territory as well. A larger territory will require more marketing to drive clients. Ongoing you should expect to pay a monthly fee to the franchisor, which contributes to further support and ongoing marketing.

Are SEO Franchises a Good Investment?

Yes. Many business owners are unfamiliar with the concept of SEO and effective marketing. Some business owners don't even have a regular stream of PR and news. It makes a world of difference, having regular social media updates, fresh blog content and newsletters because it keeps customers engaged.

As more and more businesses establish themselves in the UK, demand for SEO and marketing will continue to grow. Search engines like Google are constantly changing their algorithms to better facilitate their users. Algorithm updates can force websites into unpleasant positions, with rankings potentially dropping overnight. SEO is a constant battle, and having an effective marketing solution in place is important for any business. And many businesses simply don't have the time to do that. But beneficially, beating their competitors online will boost sales and turnover.

If you're looking for a marketing business for sale, why not consider franchising? Discover a world of franchises at Franchise Planet.

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