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Don't let a chip in your career crack. Discover Windscreen Repair Franchises.

What are Windscreen Repair Franchises?

As the name suggests, Windscreen Repair franchises are businesses which have been franchised, specialising in the automotive sector's windscreen repair market.

Often run as a van based business, but can occasionally be run from a premises, Windscreen Repair franchises will either serve the domestic or commercial sector, or both.

Franchises are businesses which have been franchised. By this, we mean a franchisor has established their business to be financially and operationally sound, and scalable. Through a network of franchisees, the business can be scaled across the country using a streamlined approach. Through a proven system of operation, franchisees will follow the franchisor's branding and operations manual to replicate the existing proven business.

Commercial or Domestic?

Most windscreen repair franchises will either operate in the commercial or domestic market. Commercial windscreen repairs are usually preferable amongst franchises, but domestic is also profitable.

The reason why commercial windscreen repair franchises is preferred, is because of the opportunity for repeat income. While domestic repairs will usually be one off, not offering the prospect of repeat business (unless you regularly crack your windshield)!

Whereas with commercial clients, their fleets will frequently develop chips and will often need repairs. This is much more reliable for future operations than ad-hoc domestic repairs.

Are Windscreen Repair Franchises Successful?

The franchisor will usually make the decision to franchise only if their business is viable and franchising is feasible. If the pilot operation has proven successful then it generally means that franchisees should be able to replicate the success.

Having said that, the success of your windscreen repair franchise will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • Your commitment to the business and the effort you put in
  • The size of your territory and the number of potential clients within it
  • The decisions you make within the business and whether they're in accordance with the operations manual. E.g expanding to a multi-van operation with more staff, is there a good van to client ratio to make it viable?

Speak with the franchisor to find out what size territories and potential clients are provided.

Advantages of Windscreen Repair Franchises

Just like most franchises, there will continue to be a constant demand for windscreen repairs, and the automotive sector shows no sign of slowing. One of the main advantages of windscreen franchises is the prospect of repeat business from commercial clients. Building a relationship with clients is essential and is critical to the success.

If you enjoy being out and about and meeting people, rather than running a home based franchise, then windscreen repair businesses would be a good choice. Usually van based, you'll either need your own car/van or you'll be able to loan one. Franchisors usually have agreements in place with vehicle leasing companies, so don't let the ownership requirements of a commercial vehicle put you off.

Disadvantages of a Windscreen Repair Franchise

Depending on your franchise territory, the demand for commercial windscreen repair franchises will vary. If you operate in a mostly residential setting, demand will be lower than compared to a more urban setting such as London. You'll need to speak with the franchisor to get an understanding of the territory mapping they have in place and what your potential client size will be.

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