8 Top Reasons to Invest in an SEO Franchise

Be your own boss with an SEO or marketing business for sale - here are 8 reasons to become your own boss in a booming sector

SEO and Marketing Franchises

8 Reasons to Invest in an SEO Franchise

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a collection of strategies website owners can adopt in order to make their website presence outrank their competitors. The strategies benefit both search engines and users alike, because today, search engines like Google favour websites with the best user experiences.

SEO is a keystone for business websites. It is the difference between getting seen and not getting seen online. After all, there can only be 10 results on page one, against 10 million results. There are many reasons to invest in a franchise business, from being your own boss to harnessing a flexible work life balance. Here are 8 reasons why investing in an SEO franchise is a fantastic choice for those looking to go down the route of business ownership.

1. Full Training Provided

You might think that by owning a business, you’re on your own. While that is true of starting up a business from scratch, franchising is a completely different game. When you invest in a franchise, you’re buying the rights to trade as the franchisor’s brand. This means you’re buying a proven business model, which already has franchisees up and running.

In order for a franchise network to be successful, all of the franchisees need to follow the same rules. That means the same branding, the same marketing and the same processes. In order to do that, complete training and support is provided. After all, the franchisor will want you to be successful. So it goes without saying they’ll only want to provide you the best possible support.

Needless to say, you probably won’t actually need any SEO or marketing experience when investing in an SEO franchise. Yes, you read that right. Most franchisors will work with specialist SEO companies to deliver services for their clients. Your main role will be finding clients and building your franchise brand, and that takes us to the next point.

2. A Flexible Work Life Balance

Although having some experience of SEO and digital marketing is useful to have, most internet based franchises usually outsource the work to other companies. Even with in-house SEO and digital marketing you won’t actually be doing the work yourself (although you’d need to confirm this with the franchisor). In the latter case, you’d either be outsourcing the work via a trusted franchisor’s partner, or you’d be employing the SEO/marketing staff yourself.

And when your primary role is finding clients, it really doesn’t matter when you do this. SEO franchises offer flexible work life balance, meaning finding clients can be done around your own schedule.

3. Soaring Demand for SEO Services

Setting up a website is one thing, but making it visible online is another. There are usually only 10 organic results on the first page of search engines, and with thousands (sometimes millions) of competing results, it may seem like a daunting task. Some business go from one seo company to another, finding the “shoe that fits” – ie, a business that can truly get them to page (or even position) one. There is considerable demand for marketing and seo services, and by investing in an SEO franchise you can be your own boss, running an SEO business in this booming sector.

With the fast majority of online experiences starting with a search engine, its easy to see just how important SEO is.

4. Be Your Own Boss

Building on from point two, being self employed is a dream for many. But a lot of people are unaware of the concept of franchising. Franchising offers a safer route to business ownership, achieving the dream goal – being your own boss. You get to work your own hours, whilst trading under the name of a successful brand.

After factoring in your business expenses and your monthly franchise fee, the earning potential of business ownership can be unlimited. There are no boundaries. If you want to work 48 hours a week, its entirely up to you. If you want to fit in as much work as you can in to your day, it’s your call. Want to drop off and pick your kids up from school? Again – you’re the boss. Franchising offers flexibility many employees dream of. Why not take the leap into the world of franchising?

5. Helping Businesses In Your Community

Ranking in search engines can be a rat race. With many businesses now operating from home as opposed to high street retail, the radius in which a business operates is an outward growing circle. No longer are businesses confined to a single shop unit. No – businesses now have the entire world to trade in. While tools like Google My Business and Bing Places can be used to reach customers locally, there is still fierce competition between businesses for that number one spot on Google.

By working with local businesses in your franchise territory, you’ll be helping them rank closer to page or position one on search engines. The better a website ranks on search engines, the more customers a website will convert. By investing in an SEO franchise, you’ll be helping businesses in your community.

6. No Geographical Restrictions

Unlike some businesses out there, home based franchises offer flexibility to not only work where you want, but work with who you want. True some franchises do offer postcoded territories, but that is often not the case for internet based businesses. Check with the franchisor to learn more about the size of your franchise territory.

When it comes to home based businesses, all you really need is a laptop and a phone. Where you work – well, that’s up to you.

7. Love What You Do

If you enjoy helping people be successful, then this is a perfect opportunity. SEO and effective marketing can be beyond the reach of many. Some business owners might not even know what SEO is – understandably they’d be wondering why their website doesn’t even rank well. Having a poor ranking website can be disheartening, so you’ll enjoy owning an SEO franchise and seeing the smile on people’s faces when their business becomes better established.

8. An Asset You Can Later Sell

Once you’ve built up the business, and you feel it’s time to retire, you can later sell the franchise. As a franchise resale, you can often expect to get back what you invested in, plus more, because as a turnkey package, the next business owner will benefit from an established client base and already marketed business.

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