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Care home franchises enable elderly people to be around others and in an environment that they can feel a part of

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What Are Care Home Franchises?

Unlike the home care franchise counterpart, care home franchises require a premises which provides an alternative to home care. Care home franchises are businesses which have been franchised, because the franchisor deems the original business to be successful enough to replicate.

The Need for Care Homes

There are many reasons why people may prefer moving to a care home compared with receiving care at their own home. While some might find their own homes familiar surroundings, for some it gets to the point where despite receiving home care, it is no longer possible without around the clock support. For some, using the bathroom or getting out of bed can be challenging which is why care home franchises provide a much better alternative. Nursing home franchises and residential care home franchises make up the care home sector both of which are in steady yet constantly growing demand.

Benefits of a Care Home Franchise

  • Providing a service to your local community
  • No care experience required. Managerial experience is useful but full training and ongoing support is one of the main benefits of franchising.
  • Ongoing income streams. Clients pay rent just like renting a home. This will usually be more than ad-hoc and recurring home visits, because care homes will provide meals, washing and around the clock support.
  • Flexible working - you won't necessarily need to be working full time with a care home franchise. By employing a team of capable staff, you'll be able to work the hours that suit you.
  • Franchises are usually favoured by banks than starting up a business alone, making it usually easier to get help with funding to start up the franchise.

Disadvantages of a Care Home Franchise

  • A premises will be required, and this can be expensive. If you already own a care home and wish to take on the brand of a trusted franchisor, then this is a fantastic opportunity for you. If you don't already have a care home, it can cost more but funding assistance is often available.
  • Overheads will usually be higher, because more staff will be employed (including chefs, cleaning staff and carers) so you'll likely need to also employ an admin team - care homes will be much more hands on with regards to paperwork and HR, but will still offer flexibility so long as the work gets done.

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