How to Send Leads to a CRM Using Zapier

Send your Franchise Planet leads straight to your CRM or automate follow ups using Zapier

How To Send Leads To Your CRM Using Zapier

So you’ve listed your franchise profile on Franchise Planet and are manually following up your franchise enquiries. But what if you want to automate these follow ups, or send your leads directly into a CRM?

Maybe you want to:

  • Automatically follow up franchise enquiries with a franchise prospectus and the opportunity to schedule a call
  • Insert leads into your CRM such as Salesforce or Active Campaign
  • Simply add new leads to a Google Sheets Spreadsheet for you to handle

Whatever the scenario, it’s simple and free to integrate your Franchise Planet leads into your chosen end point using Zapier.

Things You’ll Need:

Getting Leads to Zapier

The principals of getting your leads to Zapier are considerably straightforward. You’ll set up a parsing mailbox email address on Zapier Parser, add that email address to your franchise profile, and any leads that come through will be extracted by Zapier. It is then up to you how you use that extracted data. If you’re familiar with Zapier, it’s a case of pairing up fields using a step by step interface.

Let’s start by setting up a parsing account.

1) Login or Register with Zapier

Choose your ideal login method and create an account

2) Link Your Zapier / Parser Account

You need to give the Zapier Parser access to your newly created Zapier account, so on, now authorise this.

Give Zapier access to the Parser account, so that Zapier can read the emailed leads and templates to use in the Zap stages for automation

3) Create a Mailbox

By creating a Mailbox, you’ll be creating a special Zapier email address to send your franchise leads to. Create the Mailbox and a random mailbox will be created.

You’ll be able to customise the mailbox address if you need to later

4) Send a Test Lead

You now need to edit your listing and add the mailbox email as a recipient for the leads. Head over to Franchise Planet dashboard and add/edit your franchise listing.

Add your mailbox to the Enquiry Contacts section. This should be a comma-separated list of recipients to receive the franchise profile enquiries.

After a few seconds (but allow up to a few minutes), the lead will be shown in the parser mailbox as pictured below.

The existing settings should remain unchanged.

5) Assign Fieldnames to the Data

You’ll now want to extract this lead data, and you can do so by highlighting the data on the lead email and giving it a name. For each of the elements in the email you require, highlight and specify a field name. You’ll later use these field names in your zaps.

Highlight the test sample data to assign fieldnames, fields which will be extracted on future leads

Once you’re done, click Save Address and Template.

Send The Leads Elsewhere

Depending on your Zapier plan, the stages may look different. However the Zapier setup process is fairly straightforward and the steps should be very much the same.

So now you’ve extracted the lead data from the email, it is up to you where you want to send it. In this example, we’ll send the lead to a very basic Google Sheets spreadsheet.

1) Set Up Your CRM / Destination

In this step i’ll be setting up the sheet, but you should prepare wherever it is you’ll be sending the lead. Eg Pipedrive, ActiveCampaign, Gmail.

If you’re using spreadsheet, set up the column headers. If you’re sending an email with Gmail or Mailchimp, go through the processes to set up.

2) Start Building Your Zap

The free Zapier plan should satisfy most franchises, but bare in mind that some apps are Premium and require a paid plan.

Start off by going to your Zapier dashboard (not the Parser), and Create a Zap.

You’ll want a similar set up to the below, making sure that the yellow sections are maintained.

When a new lead is received by email into the mailbox, do your action – in this case, create a spreadsheet row.

During the steps, you may be asked to Authorise the zap to interact with your parser. This is fine and you can allow this. Once done, select the mailbox.

Select the mailbox you’d like to use

Continue working through the stages, setting up and authorising the necessary parts

3) Pair Up The Data

Once you’ve authorised both endpoints, it’ll be time to match the data up so it integrates seamlessly. Select The Fields to send to your destination endpoint.

Choose all of the fields you want in your destination.

From here on in, it’s simply a case of assigning the mailbox parsed fields with the fields specific to your destination.

Search for the fields in each section and add them

Once done, your setup should look similar to this. If you need to add “hardcoded” data like I have done in Stage, you can do so.

Hardcoded values can be added as well, data that isn’t part of the lead.

4) Send a Test and Turn on Zap

Hereon in it is a case of sending a test and making sure the zap worked. Hit Send a Test on the next screen and check that the lead went in. If it didn’t, an error message should be shown.

A successful lead entry.

5) Verify it Works

Now would be a great time to send another test lead from your Franchise Directory profile, and check that the lead goes through the entire process without issue. Of course, make sure you have turned your zap on!

With a paid Zapier plan you can also:

  • Use multi step zaps and set up time delays between each
  • Use other apps such as email validation with Mailbox Validator
  • Filter leads based on their marketing opt in and send data to lists based on their preference, such as Mailchimp

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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