Website Terms and Conditions

Some rules and responsibilities which should be followed when adding a listing or using Franchise Planet directory.

Site Terms & Conditions

Advertising Terms and Conditions

The following rules apply when adding a listing to the website. Failure to abide by these terms may result in your listing being suspended, your account (and leads) being removed, or even a permanent sitewide access ban.

You must not:

  • Create multiple listings for the same franchise unless the brand is a resale, in which case the resale territory should be clearly identified on the listing title or in the logo.
    If a listing exists under a different user account and you have taken over the previous owner’s role, you should get in touch so we can re-assign the profile.
  • Post any content to the website which is hateful, disrespectful or of sexual nature. If your franchise business is of sexual nature, this should be disclosed on the title or logo but not contain any explicit content.
  • Add listings solely for the purpose of attempted SEO gain.
  • Post content that relates to gambling, drugs or malware.

You should not:

  • Share your email address on the listing. Web scrapers may use this information to add you to unsolicited databases.
  • Post duplicates of events that have already been created by other users.

It is recommended that you avoid:

  • Posting the same (identical) content across multiple websites. Whilst it may seem harmless sharing the same article across multiple websites and franchise directories, it will devalue the article. Search engines choose what content they feel is relevant to the reader, and therefore may consider duplicates of the same content to be spammy and become excluded from search results, potentially losing you leads. Whilst Franchise Planet does add some variation to each page, make some small changes to each article you post so that it is unique.
  • Posting massive images onto your profile and associated pages. Whilst some size limitations are in place, large images can slow down mobile page loading. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely visitors are to go elsewhere.

Addon Purchase Terms and Conditions

  • Payments can be made via Debit card.
  • Products operate on a monthly or yearly subscription basis and can be cancelled at any time through your account.
  • Auto renewal may be in place and subscriptions may renew without notice depending on your account settings.
  • Refunds will only be actioned within 24 hours of the product start date, or within 7 days of the product renewal date (EG; in the event of an unintended renewal).
  • An increase in leads cannot be guaranteed for any purchase on this site.
  • Banner click metrics can be viewed via your advertiser insights dashboard. Refer to the View Medium to which of your banners you wish to view clickthroughs for.
  • Product support can be requested via [email protected]
  • Refunds cannot be issued on a pro rata basis and are subject to the time constraints outlined above
  • Google PPC campaigns will be run directly to your profile and the budget used is not negotiable

Visitor Terms and Conditions

  • You must not attempt to hack the website. Your IP address will be reported to the relevant authorities in your area.
  • You must not register solely for the purpose of adding posts for backlinks.

Franchise Planet reserves the right to cancel any subscriptions (without refund if they fall outside of the above refund period), or remove any user content should we feel that the content does not adhere to an acceptable usage as disclosed in our must not should not policy above.

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