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On the listing, either in the header or at the bottom of their profile, click the black Add To Basket button.

Complete this action on as many franchises as you wish to enquire about, before clicking the shopping basket icon on the main menu.

Pop your details in the form and click submit, and your enquiry will be with your requested franchises.

Simply get in touch with us below. We’ll provide you with login access to the site so you can manage your content ongoing, however we’re equally as happy to create the listing for you based on content you supply.

Franchise listings are not held for moderation, but our team make regular checks on users and listings to make sure that only legitimate businesses are added to our site.

The following types of listings are not accepted and may be removed:

  • Businesses which have a high chance of loss (such as film investments), or don’t follow a business format franchising model.
  • Spam or listings intended solely for outbound links or advertising.
  • Jobs are not permitted. Franchise Planet is solely for franchise advertising.
  • Multiple listings for the same business, that clearly are not franchise resales.
  • Consultancy listings and suppliers within the franchising industry must only use the franchising supplier category and relevant subcategories. Supplier listings found to be advertising in franchise related industry categories will be removed.

You can add as many franchise listings, case studies, events and news as you like without cost.

Some features such as featured franchise banners on categories and run of site banners are paid addons.

We also offer paid options for increased exposure including inclusion in PPC campaigns.

Get in touch with us below and we’ll help you out.

Leads are sent as plain-text for easy parsing by CRMs.

If your CRM utilises a parsing email address, simply add this as one of the email addresses to receive leads via your listing editor page.

If your CRM doesn’t utilise the above function, get in touch with us below for help with integrating via Zapier.

If your point of contact has changed and you’d like to take control of a listing, get in touch below or through the franchise advertising page and we’ll be in touch. We’ll reassign the listing and leads over to your account.

For security and data protection purposes, we will only reassign accounts to users registered with an email address that belongs to the domain name of the franchise that the listing has been added for.

You should only add one listing for your franchise business.

The addition of further listings should be for resales, unless you are a consultant adding businesses on behalf of your clients.

You can add as many resales as you require.

Yes! There is no cost for this. After you’ve gotten in touch and have an account, either you or we can create listings ongoing.

If you’d prefer us to put something together, please upload a document and any images to a public Google Drive and share the public link using the contact form below.

This must be in a ready to use format and we cannot extract content / create a listing using your franchise prospectus PDF. You can then tidy up the listing afterwards if preferred.

Refunds are permitted within 14 days of your purchase, no questions asked. Due to site running costs such as ads, hosting, domain renewals and personal effort, refunds cannot be requested outside of this window as funds will be used to support the website for the benefit of other users.

It is important to emphasise that paid upgrades are no guarantee of leads, and are simply for the purpose of increased site exposure.

If you have a problem with a paid upgrade, please get in touch.

With free listings and paid upgrades, there are no contracts. You have full control over your billing and can cancel any time. As above you can request a refund within 14 days. If you cancel your upgrade, the service continues until the end of your paid period (12 months). If you require immediate termination of the service, please get in touch. Refunds cannot be provided after the 14 day period.

If you have opted in to our newsletter, your name and email address will be stored until you unsubscribe. At which point your data is erased from our records.

If you have made a franchise enquiry, your data becomes the responsibility of the franchise you have enquired about. Please be aware (as disclosed on our privacy policy), that franchises may enter your data into automated funnels, pipelines and emails.

How long your enquiry data is stored by us, is determined by you. You can select on our franchise enquiry form, how long your data is kept by us. This does not apply to our general contact form (below) – your email is read and immediately deleted once response fulfilled.

Still not sure? Get in touch below.

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