Ten Top B2B Franchises You Can Run With a Van

B2B is one of the most profitable sectors, here's how you can take advantage of this lucrative sector whilst maintaining the low overheads offered with a van based business model.

Businesses that serve commercial clients but are van based

Ten Top B2B Franchises You Can Run With a Van

Running a business with a van is the perfect solution to self employment for many. You’re not confined to the same premises all day long, as you would be with home or office based work. Whilst you’ll spend quite a bit of time in the van, this is just the medium between serving your customers in their own premises. But whilst many van based franchises serve domestic clients, there are many opportunities for using a van to serve business clients. Van based B2B franchises may pay better than the domestic counterpart, depending on the size of the job, but they also offer repeat business too.

What Are Van Based B2B Franchises?

Van franchises will usually serve either domestic, commercial clients, or both. Being able to serve both of these clients enables you to maximise the potential of your franchise territory. While many B2B franchises are seen as white collar, office based work now primarily connected by the likes of video conferencing software, many entrepreneurs are looking to serve businesses in person and they can achieve that with a van based business.

Franchising is where a brand owner will make their business model, brand and methods available to a third party under license. If you were to invest in a franchise, you would usually get access to the franchisor’s brand, business model and training on how to run the business, following the franchisor’s operations manual. A franchised business is a business perfected for scalability and sustainability. All franchisees follow the same branding, the same principals, delivering the same products and services. The benefit of this over starting a business alone;

  • You get access to a proven business model that works, no time wasted reinventing the wheel, the business is turnkey and works.
  • A brand name that is established and already recognised, the franchisor and other franchisees use the brand, now it is time for you to use that reputation and make a difference in your own area. An established and recognised brand is one customers may associate highly with.
  • Group purchasing power means you can deliver services to the client at a competitive, cheaper rate compared to local tradesmen. You purchase goods at a discounted rate as part of your franchise buying power, you have more margin to deliver end services cheaper, winning customers over.
  • A business in a box, everything you need provided.

10 Top Franchises That Serve B2B Clients With a Van

So lets take a look at the franchises that involve franchisees getting out and about, working with B2B clients (and maybe some domestic clients too).

1. Beer Line Cleaning Franchise

Beer line cleaning and maintenance franchises such as Clear Brew primarily serve business clients. Beneficially for franchisees, van based beer line cleaning is usually on repeat business so bars, pubs and restaurants will re-use franchisee services often. Great because franchisees will spend less time finding clients and more time making money.

Ensuring beer lines are clean improves the quality of products for customers and reduces wastage and business running costs. Less ullage, more profits. What’s more, beer line franchises usually include, for the investment, the full launch kit including equipment, uniforms/ppe, accounting and operational software, vehicle livery and of course full training and support.

Top Beer Line Cleaning Franchises:

Clear Brew (£20K), Beer Line Wizard (£20K)

2. Oven Cleaning Franchise

Put the sparkle back in your career with an oven cleaning business. Oven cleaning franchises generally serve domestic clients but cafes, restaurants and businesses which handle food – these are all prospects.

Similarly to other types of cleaning like window cleaning, this type of franchise allows the franchisee to benefit from repeat business. Clients will usually rebook future cleans same day, meaning franchisees spend more time making money and less time finding business.

If you’re looking for an affordable B2B franchise, oven cleaning is a fantastic choice. Most opportunities available require less than £20K investment plus a van.

Top Oven Cleaning Franchises

Oven Clean (£14,995), Oven Wizards (£15K)

3. Windscreen and Automotive Repair Franchise

Repair your future with a windscreen and automotive repair franchise. Whilst most windscreen repairs will be carried out by insurance companies when it comes to consumers, businesses like haulage companies will use windscreen repair franchisees. Serving clients, you will build strong relationships with businesses in your area for continued repeat business. Franchises like Screen Rescue (£19,750) enable you to build a multi-van business taking on technicians and maximising the turnover from your exclusive area.

With a B2B van based automotive repair franchise, your clients will include haulage companies, vehicle retailers, logistics and small businesses. Not limited to windscreen repair, franchises like Revive! (scratch and SMART repairs) franchisees build strong relationships with car dealers and consumers alike.

Automotive is one of the most profitable types of franchises and is in continued growing demand.

4. Property Signage Franchises

Estate agent businesses don’t erect their for sale signs themselves. They use the services of property signage businesses and franchises. With a property signage franchise your main clients will of course be estate agents, property sellers and businesses which work in property. You’ll build relationships with estate agent businesses across your territory, erecting and managing placement of signs.

You won’t need any past business ownership experience as one of the biggest benefits of franchising is that this training is provided to you before you start. Support ongoing including refreshers on how to effectively find and keep clients, business operational support and admin, all of this will be available to you.

You can usually invest in a signage van franchise for less than £20K.

Top Property Van Franchises

Agency Express (£12,500)

5. Vending Franchises

Widely considered an ideal entry point into the world of franchising, vending franchises are amongst the most affordable franchises to open. Because of their scalability, franchisees can start off small and build the business up in line with their ambitions. If you’ve only got a few thousand to get you started, there are several vending franchises for less than £5K, requiring a personal investment of less than that. The lower investment means the business model is ideal for those that maybe want to run the business alongside something else, or run a business without worrying about investing too much of their own funds.

You won’t be serving consumers directly with a vending franchise, you’ll be working with businesses therefore this is a B2B franchise. Using a car or van, you’ll situate and service vending machines depending on the franchise. This may be a vending tower franchise, or it might be a workplace coffee machine, etcetera. Once the machine is prominently placed in the local business, the business owner enjoys greater customer satisfaction of a vending machine, whilst the franchisee benefits from the “silent salesman”. Earning money as you sleep, the more vending machines you situate, the more earnings you make. Ongoing your task will be restocking the machines.

A straightforward business model that is a fantastic starting point to help you understand the way business works. If you enjoy it, scale upwards, take on more machines and maximise your turnover.

Top B2B Vending Franchises

Tubz Vending Tower Franchise (Investment from less than £5K)

6. Plumbing and Drainage Franchises

Unblock success with a plumbing and drainage franchise. The two biggest UK plumbing and drainage franchises are Metro Rod and Metro Plumb. Respectively, Metro Rod carries out drainage unblocking whilst the latter is a domestic oriented plumbing franchise but may also serve business clients too.

Despite the emergency nature of most callouts, plumbing and drainage franchises are in incredibly strong demand.

Top Plumbing and Drainage B2B Franchises

There are at least five well-established plumbing and or drainage franchises in the UK. Metro Plumb/Rod, Fantastic Services, Your Plumber, Drain Doctor, Dalrod. Most of which are available for less than £30K personal investment.

7. Hog Roast and Corporate Catering Franchises

If the prospect of taking in over £500 per booking whets your appetite, why not consider a hog roast or corporate catering franchise? Generally group events like hog roasts will see 20+ attendees, and whilst costs for food such as pigs can be quite a bite, there is still generous turnover. Van based, you’ll serve commercial events with a passion for food and the best service. You’ll transport your roasting equipment, gazebos, BBQs, seating etc to the venue and whilst corporate catering franchises are solely B2B, hog roast franchisees will also enjoy working with consumer clients too.

Top Hog Roast and Corporate Caterer Franchises

Well known corporate catering franchises include Jaspers Catering, whilst hog roast brands include Spitting Pig and Gourmet Hog Roast Franchise. All of which are available for less than £20K personal investment.

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8. Gardening and Lawn Franchises

Whilst your typical gardening franchise might sound like a primarily domestic focussed business, many gardening and lawn franchises serve business clients. Councils and businesses frequently work with tradesmen within their community for professional lawn treatment and artificial grass installation. Gardening franchises are as you guessed, van based.

Just some of the natures of business clients you may work with, either for gardening, landscaping, lawncare or artificial grass installation depending on the franchise you invest in:

  • Mini Golf Courses and Crazy Golf
  • Children’s Parks and Soft Play
  • Coffee Shop Outdoor Seating
  • Football and Sports Halls
  • Nurseries and Schools

Most horticultural and gardening franchises cost less than £30K. This includes full business training and support, website presence, marketing, plus the tools and equipment.

Top Gardening Franchises

TruGreen, TruLawn, Fantastic Services, these are all available for less than £20K personal investment with or without finance.

9. Pest Control and Pest Prevention

All businesses will likely face issues with pests some point or another. For food and health businesses, the consequences for having pest infestation, or signs of presence, will be substantial. In fact for many businesses, it is a legal requirement for pest control measures to be in place, for example those that work with food.

Whilst trapping mice is quite straightforward, pest control franchisees are often called out to a diverse range of jobs. Wasps, birds, squirrels, badgers, foxes, there are many animals which can affect a business’s effective running. Maybe not damage to the business’s property but just a nuisance. Even still, a year round business in constant, strong demand. Van based, pest control franchises can be run for less than £20K investment.

The most recognised pest control, disinfection and extermination franchise is likely Whelan Pest Prevention / Terminix UK.

10. Security Franchises

Whilst a lot of time will be spent on client premises, the business is still considered widely van based and it will be your branded van that helps promote the business. Mainly operating in the B2B sector, security and professional services franchises may involve more than just monitoring client premises. Franchises like chimney sweep have diversified to offer year-round business for their franchisees including security (and camera installation), surveys and advice. Luckily these franchises also operate on a repeat client basis so clients will rebook time after time.

Wilkins Chimney Sweep remains a top choice for those looking for diversity when it comes to running a van based B2B franchise. Jackson Fire and Security is another top choice.

Should You Invest in a B2B Van Based Franchise?

Along with home based franchise businesses, van based are amongst those with fewer overheads. The sky is the limit with van based franchises, which usually allow for franchisees to expand to multi-van business, hiring staff and maximising their turnover. Whereas with premises and home based business, you’re otherwise limited in that respect. If you’re looking to make some serious cash, running a van based franchise is a fantastic starting point. Not to mention many B2B van franchises can also serve domestic clients too. If you’re looking for a franchise where you meet different people every day, spend time outside and have the potential to earn as much as your ambition, why not consider a van based franchise?

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